Confusion-Expectation & Alchemy

Summary:  You may be wondering what is the relationship between the words in the title of this blog and rightfully so.  I doubt it is what you expect.When I sat to write it was all about the word “confusion”; its etymology.  I had preconceived ideas and expectations.  I found what I expected and then some.  Spirit brought me to Alchemy which I know little to nothing about and which obviously I am to start reading up on.

In a rather indirect way, but Spirit knowing how I love to research stuff, I received more than I expected this morning:

  1. I was shown how I make decisions, take actions and think with preconceived ideologies and expectations and that I need to stop doing this; and
  2. the subject of Alchemy has been brought to my attention, for a reason.

Please keep in mind that what is written below was written before I added this summary.


Thinking about the word confusion this morning, and how con means against (loosely translated) and the word fusion means to be sealed together, to be one (loosely translated).  Therefore, when I am confused about something, I am also double-minded, swaying to and fro in my decision making efforts.

When my mind and ways are fused on Yeshua, unlike faltering Peter who walked on water until he un-fused his fix on Yeshua and sank, remaining in such a fused and focused state, I will not sink.  What I have found, however, is that I put time limits on things and self-imposed expectations as to how something will go down!  When I make the decision that “time is up”; that it should have been accomplished or happened by now, then I sink just like Peter, because my mind then becomes “my” mind and not one fused with Yeshua.

ConfusedI have only now realized I no longer criticize myself saying I “should” have known better and “should” or “could” or “ought” to have done this or that.  Pretty cool!


“c. 1300, confusioun, “overthrow, ruin,” from Old French confusion “disorder, confusion, shame” (11c.) and directly from Latin … confusionem (nominative confusio) “a mingling, mixing, blending; confusion, disorder,” noun of action from past-participle stem”

I love the meaning of confusion as being to “overthrow, ruin.”  I never thought of it as meaning this but it makes sense.  In using my own example above I did ruin what was going on in my walk with Yeshua when I tried to “do it my way.”  I also tried to usurp YHWH’s plans for me, to “overthrow” and help Him with what He has set in place forOverthrow my journey.

Others in the Scripture have made the same mistakes.  I’m not justifying my actions. I am just letting you know that even though we are on this journey in a return to Source, we are still human and prone to making mis-takes (missed the ‘take’ we were to take/do/make) along the way.  As we journey along further, I pray these mistakes will become less and less frequent.

Here’s a few of our Scripture folks who were human too and who we are told made mistakes:

  • Moshe
  • David
  • Joseph and his brothers
  • Abraham and Sarah – who tried to help YHWH to fulfill His promise to her

I am sure if we knew the entire life story of everyone in Scriptures their names would be on any list of mistake makers.


In looking up the origins of “con” I was surprised to find what I found.  I expected to find that it meant to negate something, which it does.  But it also has several other meanings and of course each would apply according to the con-text in which we use it.

con (v.2) “to swindle,” 1896, from con (adj.). Related: Conned; conning.

con (n.2) a slang or colloquial shortening of various nouns beginning in con-, such as, from the 19th century, confidant …

con (n.1, adv.) “negation; in the negative; the arguments, arguers, or voters against a proposal” (mainly in pro and con), 1570s, short for Latin contra …

con (v.3) “to study, get to know, peruse carefully,” c. 1200, cunnen, “make an attempt, try or seek to do,” from Old English cunnian “to know” (see can (v.1)). Related: Conned; conning.

con (adj.) “swindling,” 1889 (in con man), American English, from confidence man (1849), from the many scams in which the victim is induced to hand …

con (v.1) “to guide a ship, give orders for the steering of a ship,” 1620s, from French conduire “to conduct, lead, guide” (10c.), from Latin conducere “to lead or bring together, contribute, serve,” from com “with, together” (see com-) + ducere “to lead,” from PIE root

In using “con” to form the word confusion, there’s no doubt in my mind that it is used as an adverb to negate something.

I have to make note of something here.  I did a word search of “con” looking for an appropriate image and among the images that were displayed was a picture of President Trump – I am not kidding you (or should I say ‘conning’ you).  Not something I’d want my picture showing up for in a google search for ‘con’!


Of course I am thinking solely of the meaning when we ‘fused’ two things together making them into a singular, etc.; when we break a piece of our favourite crystal and glue, or fuse it back together, etc.  It is a sense of restoration.

RestorationIn my return to Yeshua I am restored by this fusion, and in Him there is no confusion.

The various usages and meanings as described in dictionaries are:

fusion (n.) 1550s, “act of melting by heat,” from Middle French fusion or directly from Latin fusionem (nominative fusio …

fuse (v.) 1680s, “to melt, make liquid by heat” (transitive), back-formation from fusion. Intransitive sense, “to become liquid,” attested from 1800. Figurative sense …

*gheu- ” fusible; fusion; futile; futility …

Well I didn’t see that coming!  The definitions refer to melting by heat but nowhere does it say to join something together or making two into one.

I blew this one big time, because the entire etymology of the word fusion has to do with liquidizing something and extreme heat!  It appears to be all about Alchemy.

Fusion & Alchemy

The term “gheu” included in the etymology of the word fusion appears to be all about alchemy (of which I know little to nothing), and has the following history and usage:

Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to pour, pour a libation.”

It forms all or part of: alchemy; chyle; chyme; confound; confuse; diffuse; diffusion; effuse; effusion; effusive; fondant; fondue; font (n.2) “complete set of

Fusion Alchemy

characters of a particular face and size of type;” found (v.2) “to cast metal;” foundry; funnel; fuse (v.) “to melt, make liquid by heat;” fusible; fusion; futile; futility; geyser; gush; gust (n.) “sudden squall of wind;” gut; infuse; ingot; parenchyma; perfuse; perfusion; profuse; refund; refuse (v.) “reject, disregard, avoid;” refuse (n.) “waste material, trash;” suffuse; suffusion; transfuse; transfusion.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Greek khein “to pour,” khoane “funnel,” khymos “juice;” Latin fundere (past participle fusus) “melt, cast, pour out;” Gothic giutan, Old English geotan “to pour;” Old English guttas (plural) “bowels, entrails;” Old Norse geysa “to gush;” German Gosse “gutter, drain.”

I think I bit off more than I can chew in writing this blog, because the things I have just uncovered, I never “expected” to uncover.  Once again I see how many preconceived ideas and thoughts that I have which do influence my actions and my words.  I have received an additional lesson in carrying out this research on the word confusion.  I have been shown by Spirit just how indoctrinated I am in preconception, historically accepted thoughts, ideas, ways, methods, etc.

Expectations & Perceptions – New Barometer

First, for those who haven’t heard me say it before, I refer to Yeshua as my barometer Barometerin making decisions, etc.  It’s something like that long ago acronym WWJD that was used by Christians to decide whether or not to do something:  WWJD meaning “What Would Jesus Do”.

I was not “expecting” anything about alchemy.  I had preconceived ideas about what I would find and therefore no intention to look further.

Now that this stumbling block, this thorn in my side called expectations has been revealed by Spirit, I will make every attempt to remember to use it as a barometer to determine if I am understanding (or think I am) from a preconceived set of ideals or theories about the way it ought to be.

I realize this has been my gift from Spirit, but also know it is a gift to whoever reads this blog.  She or he may read it with the same expectations as I had in writing it, only to be somewhat delightfully blindsided as was I to uncover ever more gems.

Spirit is showing me, I believe, that I need to start at least “trying” to understand the meanings and workings of alchemy.  Although I have no education or training, it doesn’t matter, because the knowledge of the Universe (and then some) is within each and every one of us.

I wish me well, and I pray (asking for your prayers as well) that I will bring to this uncovering an open heart, mind and soul.



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