Truth is Revealing Long Held Misconceptions

The following two slides are put together with material from the book by Dr., Daniel Block, “The Last Four Books of Moses.”  It is pretty much his wording in most instances and I have taken the liberty of highlighting sections that rang out like a great big huge ding, dong cymbal for me.

I have long held the believe that the “fairy tale stories” of my childhood, and history that we glanced through called “mythology” was likely in fact more real than what humanity calls real.  I have held the believe that things which were of utmost importance to our Creator have been sugar-coated by people seeking to control humanity under a cloak of fear, hatred, etc., so they cloaked those truths as fairy tales and myths.

What we call myth is fact; what we call fact is myth.  After all I am currently living in the reflected side of my mirror.

These are misconceptions that many of us hold, and it really is a part of the duality under which we have been operating for generations.

Things are changing.  Times are changing.  We are changing and it is an exciting time to be walking on planet earth.

I had to smile when I read the misconception that deals with making decisions from the heart; the “touchy feely” kind of decisions I’ve made most of my life and for which I am not appreciated by North American corporations that operate based upon ROI and not employees and associates first.

It is my opinion that there is a lot of food for thought in these two slides; perhaps something you too have thought was weird and not really the way you thought or felt about something.

As soon as we truly accept “I AM Spirit,” and step out in it, more and more things will be uncovered because Spirit knows that we are indeed ready to see, to hear and to know Truth and Reality.  It will no longer have to kick us in the butt for recognition.  We will likely be amazed at ourselves for having believed and lived a lie for so very long.

I feel the layers of this onion coming off much more quickly, and I am not crying, in fact I am joy filled.

Misconceptions Slide 1 of 2 - Mar 13, 2018
Misconceptions Long Embraced 1 of 2
Misconceptions - Slide 2 of 2 - Mar 13, 2018
Misconceptions Long Embraced – 2 of 2


  1. Yeah, it’s just The Way, and that in itself is interesting. Once we find it, it is completely a Spirit thing, a kind of effervescent fountain of Truth and Wisdom unfolding.

    Knowledge implies the gathering of already existent information, but I’m realizing The Way isn’t totally like that. It is more of an open state within the present that allows whatever is needed to come front and centre in our consciousness when we are ready or when it is needed. In The Way, the ability to Be and encapsulate is more important than the filing of much information. It is like we already are some sort of inter-dimensional super computer.

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    1. Absolutely C, absolutely! He’s an interesting person from his bio; orthodox Jewish from Montreal, doctorate, Naturopath doctor.

      What’s really interesting is that he appears to be writing on the “4 missing” books of Moshe – what I am thinking is the content of the original tablets brought down from the mountain by Moshe.

      Years ago I heard something about the people only being given a portion of what YHWH had conveyed to Moshe, and it’s all making sense now. The other thing for me is that even though I did nothing with that info I received (likely 10 or more years ago), I’ve never forgotten. Another example of “truth being planted in the soil of my heart” waiting … to be heard.

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      1. It is interesting how certain bits of random information stick, and how it comes into full fruition later on in life. It’s like all the missing pieces are being filled in until the time when they are needed to grow.

        As far as the Jewish thing goes, I find there is no New and Old Testament beliefs. It is all one thing. It wasn’t until we started visiting the Messianics and put it all together that we came into the miraculous. And it didn’t end with the canon either. We are still adding books and chapters to the story, written or unwritten.

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        1. Your insight and wisdom..and sharing is so appreciated. Yes, it’s not a “jewish” thing, it is a living Torah kinda thing; where once we failed and needed laws and rules to ‘keep us in line’ – until of free will we chose the Way, and then the walls of Jericho come crumbling down completing the circle of 7. Love the hidden bits of truth within ‘cute’ stories that most never seek to understand or dig deep for the heart of the story.

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