When Spirit Speaks, Listen: Watchers Watch

Summary:  The original intent for this blog was to write about how we must shed off old ideologies and open ourselves to the totally unexpected and unimaginable.

As usually happens when I write a message comes through unexpectedly.  What came out this time really covers a lot of what is going on in the United States, its history and events – in relation to the dates of Passover and History – since 1776.  I live in Canada and what happens in the United States always filters across our borders.

I believe Spirit wants to give us a heads up and the original intent of this blog changed dramatically.  It’s a history lesson and eye opener for me and for others.  Please take a look at the infographs that I have inserted which show:

  • history of the Blood Moons since the crucifixion of Yeshua AD32-33 to 2016, and
  • a list of the dates for Passover and Easter to the year 2050

The next Blood Tetrad and date in which Easter precedes Passover is the year 2024. That is six years from now.  Symbolic of the 6 days of creation, and entering the 7th day of rest.


Today is March 14, 2018 and according to the Hebrew calendar 27 Adar 5768; that is in 32 years we will have reached the end of the six thousandth year and be entering the 7th.

The Lord created the universe and all that is in 6 days and rested on day 7.  Scripture tells us that a day is as 1000 years.  We are on the cusp of entering into the Day of Rest, the Sabbath year.

We are so close to our day of rest, it is amazing and this is what I see as being the reason for so much esoteric, spiritual and out-of-this-world activities happening all around; people opening up and lighting up; ideas and evolution and revolutions taking place, not in a catastrophic or destructive, but in a creative and thought provokingly dissolving and personal way, individually and collectively.

The cosmologies of the Mayan, Sumerian and Native American prophecies all point to this time.  In his book Awakening to Zero Point, Greg Braden has put together masses of material that paint the picture, both spiritually and scientifically, why now is the time of this great shift in reality.  Even our Christian texts point to this as being around the time of the return of Christ.

What I once thought I no longer think.  What I once heard, I no longer hear (as being truth or fact or myth).  It seems to me that everything about this human life is being turned topsy turvy with what is going on and if we do not allow ourselves to be open and receptive we will either be scared to death or kill ourselves, choking the very life out of ourselves with the restraints of resistance.

Ask yourself, “Can this world and the way it is operating possibly be any worse?”  My answer to that is no, except to say we totally destroy all that is.  What is the definition of insanity?  It is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

For almost 6000 years we have tried to fit man’s square peg into the round hole of consciousness; scraping, twisting, shaving, shattering and remoulding, and it has yet to work.

Is it not time to say enough; to throw down our forced and futile efforts and allow our Spirit to take back the reigns that we might co-exist in a realm where no one is less nor greater than?  Isn’t that who we all are, equal in the rays of Love that created all?

Easter and Passover 2018

I was impressed to check out what’s happening these days, having looked at the Hebrew Calendar to find out what year this is for the above info.  So I checked and these are the dates for:


  • starts at sundown on Saturday March 31st
  • April 1 – first day of Passover


  • Sunday, April 1

I posted on Easter several weeks ago and don’t intend to repeat myself here.  I only made note of this because it is a rare occasion that both Passover and Easter fall on the same day.

Easter Precedes Passover – 39 Times by Year 2016

I did a search and in 2016 it was reported that in America’s history:

  • 39 times, beginning with the first Easter in the United States and ending Easter 2016, Easter preceded Passover
  • 7 times since 1776 Easter has fallen on the same day as the start of Passover

Number 7

  • 7 times Easter on Pesach I (first day Passover) since America’s inception
  • 7 blood moon tetrads since Christ on Jewish Holy Days
  • 7 the number for YHWH
  • 7 means spiritual and divine perfection

Number 8

Looking solely at America’s history that makes this year the 8th time that this has happened.

  • 8 the number for new birth, new creation and new order

The infograph below provides information on the Tetrad Blood Moons, starting with the crucifixion of Yeshua April 3, 33.  The day of the week on which Passover occurs is not a set weekday, unlike Easter, a Pope designated date that has to be a Sunday.

The accuracy date of the info is circa 2016 so obviously is not up to date as of this blog.  What this information does is give you an idea of how key events in our lives have occurred on days that are YHWH’s appointed Holy and Feast Days; i.e. Yeshua’s crucifixion was on Passover AD33.


39 times Easter precedes Passover. The first 1777 (first Easter as United States) and again in 2016. This will not happen again until 2024, the possible 6,000 year since Adam according to many scholars.

Among the words in scripture that have a numeric value of 39 are the following:

  • ואכחד H3582 kachad / hide Zec 11:8
  • εδεηθη G1189 deomai / pray Luk 5:12
  • אבלו H0056 ‘abal / mourn Joe 1:9
  • בטחך H0982 batach / trust Jer 48:7
  • כאויב H0341 ‘oyeb / enemy(s) Lam 2:4
  • לאח H0251 ‘ach / brethren Eze 44:25
  • כגוי H1471 gowy / nation Isa 58:2
  • ולבא H0935 bow’ / come 2Ch 15:5
  • ובוכה H1058 bakah / weep 2Sa 15:30
  • ואביך H0001 ‘ab / father 2Sa 17:8
  • לבבה H3824 lebab / heart 1Ki 10:2
  • החטיאו H2398 chata’ / sin 1Ki 16:13
  • בגדיך H0899 beged / garment 1Ki 22:30
  • אחיך H0251 ‘ach / brethren Gen 4:9
  • לבוא H0935 bow’ / come Gen 12:11
  • ויגידו H5046 nagad / tell Gen 42:29
  • הגאל H1350 ga’al / redeem Gen 48:16
  • דלה H1802 dalah / draw Exo 2:19
  • ויזבחו H2076 zabach / sacrifice Exo 8:8

Do you see a common theme among these words?

==>5 times Paul received 39 lashes.

Five times I received at the hands of the Jews the forty lashes less one. 2 Corinthians 11:24

Although scripture does not explicitly tell us Yeshua received 39 lashes, it is believed by many this is the case.

According to the law of Moses no Jew was to be given more than forty stripes (Deuteronomy 25:1-3). In order to make sure they never violated the Law of Moses by giving even one stripe too many, the religious leaders began to count up to 39 stripes. Over time the 39 stripes rule became the established custom in the Jewish judicial system.


1948 and 1967 were 2 of the years Easter preceded Passover.

  • Abraham was 1948 from Adam
  • Israel reborn 1948
  • 2018 is 1948 years from Temple destruction Tisha B’Av 70 AD.
  • 7 Blood Moon Tetrads falling on Jewish Feast days since Christ. The last 3: 1948, 1967, 2015. Separated by 19 and 48 years. 1948 –19-1967-48-2015.

Passover comes after Easter 3 times every 19 years.

39 times since 1776 with a sequence of 8-8-3. I believe we should pay attention to these numbers.

  • 8 is new birth, new creation or new order. 888 is the name Jesus
  • 3 Jesus rose on the third day. The Revelation 12 sign is on the 3rd day after the last day of year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.
  • 3 = The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

The next time this occurs is 2024, a year many believe is the 6,000th from Adam.

We are heading towards the 40th time that Easter will precede Passover, just as Yeshua’s death preceded Passover.  Below is a chart of the dates on which Easter and Passover fall until the year 2050.  These dates are based upon Israel’s times, not the American clock.

As you can see the next time that Easter precedes Passover is in fact the year 2024, which is the year 5784 on the Hebrew calendar.

Easter-Passover 2000-2050
Passover and Easter – Years 2000 to 2050

As another aside, apparently there is a total solar eclipse expected on April 8, 2024.

Easter Precedes Passover – 40 Times by Year 2024

I really do believe that there are going to be amazing and to many strange events between now and 2024, just 6 years from now.  Hm, 6 years, 6000 years – rather symbolical or coincidental?

Six Years Until 2024

The number 6 is significant in the Bible because it’s all about you and me.  Is Spirit telling me, hey woman, listen up, the next six years are all about you.  Listen and pay attention!  6 is:

  • the number of Man
  • the number of imperfection in man’s work
  • it is a human number
  • it implies man’s existence sans YHWH, sans Yeshua
  • concerned and related only to man

Is the Lord now telling us, suggesting to us that:

  • in the next 6 years things will be happening
  • we have 6 years to get our act together
  • be awake and aware and watch and open to all over the coming 6 years
  • prepare for the day of rest
  • make sure your lamps are filled with the Oil of the Ruach HaKodesh
  • be on guard for the thief in the night who will be raging as the doors are closing for the enemy of our soul
  • etc., etc.

As always I believe there is always something significant when ‘non-coincidental’ things happen.  Perhaps there will be an increase in energy activities for everyone; perhaps those who have not seen will now see, or heard will now hear.  If we will allow ourselves to be open to endless and indescribable possibilities, anything “out of this world” can happen.

In fact, I believe it is happening and it is just that we haven’t asked to have eyes to see or ears to hear.

Maybe that’s Spirit’s message for me, and perhaps you:

“Be open, this is a very, very special time in space and if you will but have faith as tiny as a mustard seed; and a heart that desires above all else to return and be known of Self – then so shall it be.  Remain open, expectant and ready to embrace.  Fear nothing, for there is nothing to fear.  Freedom is such Joy.”




  1. I’ve never paid much attention to Easter as I’ve known it was a pagan holiday since I can remember. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I researched it and found it to be the Babylonian fertility rite of Semiramis. Again, as a child I was also vaguely familiar with Passover and I could easily comprehend its legitimacy.

    The tetrads are interesting in that they land on Jewish Holy days, not on pagan holidays fabricated to mask the Truth. What would it take for the cosmic makeup to miss a day, slip a cog, and have a blood moon land on Easter? Apparently much. The skies point only to the legitimate system.

    In regard to the Second Coming we may not have to wait six years. I do believe it is already happening. Yeshua first comes in us. There is plenty evidence of these changes already if we look about. People are already settling, even settled, in.

    10 to 12 years ago my wife and I (mostly her, because she is the numbers person) did a study utilizing the Jewish dates instead of Usher’s Chronology. The time was moved up if I remember right. Sorry, I don’t have the material right here in front of me. I’m just thinking out loud.

    I’ll be happy when there is no Easter preceding Passover. I will be elated when people no longer believe the lie of the alternate system, and there is no Easter at all. No offence intended, I’m just stating my position on the matter.


    1. Never offending with truth and when someone speaks what I feel with such great gusto! Easter was all about washing away the remembrance of Pesach, Passover … just like the other pope appt’d holidays (instead of holy days) like Xmas.

      Liked by 1 person

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