Spring – Open Yourself to the New

Spring arrives here in Canada on March 21st; duly noted as we here in Atlantic Canada continue under the blistering barrage of snow, ice and winds.  It’s quite amazing because this past winter wasn’t a real winter until about 10 days ago, so Mother Nature is making up for lost time, or

could it be she is reinforcing within us how precious Spring is once it does arrive; that something so fragile as a violet or even the dandelion could survive such a tempest?

Entering Spring as Nature Enters

We should look at the changing seasons as times when one door is closing and another is opening.  I believe that if the human did so as well we would find ourselves more in rhythm with what is going on around us.

Nature takes four breaks a year as she changes from one season to the next.  It isn’t done overnight; there are processes through which she gently flows, allowing what is about to enter to be prepared for the entry, as what is about to leave is slowly and rhythmically casting off those things it will not need for the months of her sleep.

==>Let’s Pre-Spring Clean Our Thoughts & Hearts

Perhaps each March, as we look back over the past three or four months, we can pay a final visit or tribute to things and events of that period, say goodbye to those who will not longer be needed in the going forward and thanking them for what they have provided.  In that way as we enter a new quarter of this year we will be more open and enter with our glass pretty much emptied in order to receive the new.

We can ask ourselves if there are conversations with someone we might regret and take steps to heal any rift that was formed.  Life is too short for pettiness.

Closing the glass doors and windows of the winter months, let’s just bring with us into Spring good and positive things that speak of love, kindness and forgiveness.  To do it this way is similar to what Scripture tells us about not trying to pour the old crap into the new wineskin.

Spring Equinox

It is March 21-13 and according to the author of Nature-Speak, it is the time of “Asserting the Warrior Within”.  I find that rather odd, because I think of warriors as being big, rough and rugged, whereas the budding flowers and trees are so gentle, translucent, soft

Gardens of Flowers
Spring-Summer in Canada

and aromatic.  I suppose they could be also displaying qualities of assertiveness, because no matter what the weather preceding their birth, they will and they do assert themselves.

There are magical rhythms that are special and unique to each season.  I once read that the changes of seasons are

“temporal doorways that heighten our sensitivity to signs, omens and messages.  They awaken our intuition, making signs and messages much clearer.  They stimulate epiphanies.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure as heck wouldn’t say no to an “Ah Ha!” moment, or as they said, a great big fat epiphany!

Are you feeling lost, wondering what or where next in your life?  Perhaps this is your moment, right here and right now.  Take some time for you, prepare yourself with a list of things that you’ve long thought of but need clarification.  Are you looking for a sign, a word – some signal on what next?

Take time for you, and make an appointment with yourself and Mother Nature.  Stroll through the still naked parks and forests, just as Spring begins to bud forth.  Look at everything around you, hear the sounds.  Be open … just be open, and please do not be like I have always been, and go into this with preconceived ideas or expectations.

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to throw away the books, the rules, the teachings … everything external and just stand there and say, “Okay.  Here I am, let’s do this.”  And, just be open as you go about whatever it is you do in the ordinary course of the day.

Now, back to Mother Nature and Spring. The attributes of Spring are those of:

  • creative fires
  • cleansing
  • expanding new endeavours
  • opening and being presented with new opportunities
  • rebirth

EarthMother-TreeSpring is said to be a time of new growth and resurrection.  That’s why the Catholic church picked up on this ancient pagan (which by the way is a religion) holiday and called it Easter as a symbol of Yeshua’s resurrection.

Look at what happens as Spring approaches.  In North America the seasons used to be quite distinct in their nature; not so much anymore. In the Spring:

  • migrant birds come back north – and so do our Canadian snowbirds (people) from Florida
  • animals (cold blooded) come out of the caves after the winter’s hibernation
  • people sort of come out of hibernation; we aren’t out and about as much during the winter months, and even when we are, we’re still somewhat hibernating under those layers of clothes we wear
  • maple syrup, the sap and life of the frozen trees begins to thaw and run, the energy rushing through from root to top to the farthest extremeties, awakening the tree to a new spring, a kissing sun and the touch of birds on their limbs
  • birds are chirping in the early morning hours – I know, they woke me up the other day and it’s not even Spring (officially)
  • the wildflowers (the first of nature’s plants to spring forth) appear and can be seen growing close to the ground
  • flowers begin to appear in damp woods and nearby clearings
  • the seeds that we planted in the fall, or which naturally Nature planted, have begun to sprout and slowly peek through the top layer of soil, eventually forming beds and blankets everywhere
  • tulip, daffodil and other such heart bulbs (planted-germianted in the Fall) will next start to pop up
  • trees will begin to sprout sprigs and eventually fully clothe themselves in leaves (deciduous)

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am excited and bubbly when Spring is on the horizon.  The days get longer, the sun gets warmer and soon I’ll be able to start planting my flowers and herbs.

It has been my experience as well that people are nicer.  I am not saying that to be negative, I am simply saying that we seem to be nicer to one another, less forceful and pushy, more generous in nature and attitude.  Perhaps it is the warmth and the kissing rays of the sun penetrating our skin to the core … with love.  I mean it is all energy from the All source, so what can’t it be love energy?

As we enter into another Spring let’s also keep our hearing hearts open to the sounds that come alive; not just hearing, but listening and following our heart’s directions.

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