Just a Rose – Poem

Been rather low key past few days and enjoying it, but still missing writing.  I’ve learned unless I automatically run to the keyboard, there’s nothing to be shared.

Just going to share a piece of prose derived from the rose – one of the most influential and inspirational things ever to have entered my life.  Even the thorns have taught me great lessons, like how they protect the flower from unwanted critters that might cause harm.

Do you have a thorn in your side?  Perhaps like Paul in Scriptures we will learn to be grateful for these thorns when we see that they, like everything else allowed in our lives are gifts from Creator, never meant to cause harm.  When we love, appreciate and accept with even flow those things we do not like all that much, equally with those we do like and even love, lives do become easier, simpler.

Enjoy my rose.  May she speak and bless you.

Rose&Quote Mar 18-18