Lessons in Living from Water Crystals

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Masaru Emoto and the work he has done with respect to freezing and photographing water just as it begins to freeze or form ice crystals.  It is amazing to see his work, and what is so fascinating is to see the effect that different external events have on how the crystals form, their colour and consistency.

I think it is important to note this because we humans have about a 70% makeup of water vis-à-vis our cells, etc.  If a body of water is influenced in different ways, there is not reason to think this human body is not similarly influenced.

The first image share is of crystal formations when exposed to a flower essence, a speech and a crystal.  They’re all quite beautiful.  You can search Dr. Emoto to find large examples of these photographs.

Crystals & Misc eg LutherKing Speech
Pine Essence-Martin Luther K Jr Speech-Emerald Stone

Water Exposed to Types of Words (Emotions)

This is of interest to me, of course, because I believe everything about my life comes from first my thoughts, then my words … and resultant actions.

Below are a couple of examples of how the ice crystals formed when exposed to different words. Difference is quite noticeable.

Crystals & Words
Crystals formed when speaking different words.

It’s not difficult for me to imagine what happens within my own body when experiencing any kind of negative emotion.  I actually feel myself clenching my teeth just thinking of the word anger. Every emotion we have has an expression in our body.  Some are not so pretty, as water has proven.

Look at the difference in the crystals when exposed to truth and other great things.  They too are quite beautiful.  Evil is ugly and totally out of shape and the colour is depressing.

We’re blocking the energy flow when we are upset or angry or sad, and our bodies are 70% water content.  When water is crystallizing, it is hardening.  I suppose we too are hardening when we crystallize, or freeze in any emotion or a prolonged period of time.  It’s not difficult to associate what happens to water formation to crystals and equate it to what might possibly be happening to us.

According to Buddhism, the human is born with 108 earthly desires (such as confusion, attachment, jealousy, and vanity), which torture us throughout our lives.  Emoto suggests that these 108 desires have their counterparts in the 108 elements.  I tend to agree because I feel that everything in nature is everything in us, given the first human was fashioned from soil.

Human Vibrations & Corresponding Elements

Emoto’s vibration device was able to measure our vibrations and those around us and he realized that the negative vibrations correspond to the vibrations emitted by the various elements.

The following human negative vibrations have equivalent vibrations to these elements:

  • irritation same as mercury
  • anger same as lead
  • sadness and sorrow same as aluminum
  • uncertainty same as cadmium
  • despair same as steel
  • stress same as zinc

According to Emoto, it was suggested that the use of aluminum pans and cooking utensils may be a contributing factor in Alzheimer’s Disease.  Aluminum has the same vibrational frequency as sadness and Emoto suggests that,

“the sadness and sorrow of old age calls out to aluminum, leading to the onset of Alzheimer’s.”

I am not sure I agree that old age needs to be equated with sadness and sorrow, in fact I refute that suggestion!  There are circumstances, in any age group actually, when one becomes sad.  But, age doesn’t need to be the qualifier.

That quote is from one of Emoto’s books published in 2005, so I don’t know where we stand now on his comment about Alzheimer’s.  I do recall being told years ago that some doctors felt that it was the use of aluminum fillings in teeth that could be a cause.


There was a water scientist, Joan Davis, reported on an experiment that was carried out by a physicist who studied how the positions of the stars affected water.  Using water containing various minerals he tested how easily paper soaked up the water when the stars were in certain positions.

  • Saturn Affects Lead:  When Saturn has large influence on earth, lead responded by being soaked up by the paper, while the other elements such as copper, silver and steel showed little or no response.

Because it was earlier shown the anger is associated with lead, then the natural conclusion reached is that

  • Saturn is therefore connected with the human emotion anger.

I’m not about to go through the whole gambit of emotions and elements and planets.  This is just another example of how we are so intertwined with every possible aspect of this universe.

Prayer Really Does Clear the Air

On that note, I leave you with a few of the crystal formations as a result of formation in the presence of prayer.  Check out the condition of the crystal at the Fujiwara dam pre and post-prayer (first image top row and last image top row).

Crystals & Prayer
Crystals formed during Prayer.



  1. I’m actually aware of Emoto’s work, and I think it is metaphysical that his name is Emoto, as he is the one that discovered that water emotes. If words are spirit and spirit has such an effect on water, what does the Spirit of YHWH do in us? I’m quite sure it recreates us.


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      Spirit of YHWH ‘in us’ tries to get us to shed the clothing of flesh to allow Spirit to reign; I don’t mean physically die, but ‘deny’ it uppermost position, and return first place to Spirit.

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