Reiki Symbols & Cult Warning?

I came across an article several weeks ago written by someone who was a Reiki Master and the person was warning all Reiki Masters, actually anyone who is utilizing Reiki, to escape from the cult.  As I read through most of it, it gave me goosebumps.  The author’s prime reason for writing appeared to be to warn users that we (I am a Reiki Master) are opening ourselves up to allowing the entry of evil spirits.

The writer was focused on the different symbols which are used in Reiki, suggesting these come with curses embedded in them (generations upon generations ago).

I appreciated the article because it had me thinking again, and it brought to mind my preference for another type of energy therapy, precisely because it doesn’t use symbols.  This is not a choice for my own personal reasons, but in considering potential clients who might find things even more strange with the movement of the hands etc. in forming the symbols

I kind of think of a 12-Step saying:  KISS – keep it simple stupid! (another smile)

Therapeutic Touch is a simpler method, one which most people find less complicated and easier to understand precisely because there is no symbolism involved.

I believe Therapeutic Touch appears to be more acceptable for use in hospitals for two reasons:

  1.  the symplicity of Therapeutic Touch which requires no special hand signs, etc., and
  2.  Therapeutic Touch was started up by a registered nurse.

Yeshua – Reiki Master? Shaman? Therapeutic Touch Practioner?

If Yeshua was around today, doing what he did 2000 years ago, we’d be quick to label him a Reiki Master, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, or some other label given for energy healing/therapy.

It isn’t the label that matters.  Yeshua healed:  through faith and intent he healed.

Reiki v Therapeutic Touch

Because I am both a Reiki Master/Teacher and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner I speak to both of these from my own thinking and experiences.

Even Reik isn’t just everyone saying I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and that’s the end of it, because there is a follow-up question.  Next you need to identify “which type” of Reiki!  I was trained under the Usui method of Reiki and know little to nothing about the other types or the differences.

Sounds just like all the types of religions, doesn’t it?  (double smile)

There are four basic symbols in Usui Reiki. There are more symbols that have been introduced and I don’t know by who.  If I use these added symbols, does that make me a non-Usui Reiki practitioner?  Again I say, KISS.

When learning Reiki, symbols helped to settle me into a certain state of mind and presence; sort of reinforcing my belief in the Healing Love and Power of Yeshua, of Creator.

Below is a single slide with some of the symbols.  A search might come up with many more.

Remember that as in speech it is the intent behind the words we use, so too it is the intent behind a symbol that is used in Reiki.

Reiki Symbols Trad&Non-Trad
Traditional & Non-Traditional Reiki Symbols

Without even being conscious of it, I’ve developed a preference for Therapeutic Touch. Perhaps that is Spirit’s way of helping me to KISS.


Daily I apply protection and healing to myself. On those occasions when a part of my body lets me know it needs some attention I am more specific.  In the mornings if I get this message from my body during prayer and meditation I have used the symbols in settling myself into the thoughtful mode before journeying through the healing process.

For personal reasons already expressed, my attitude is that the use of symbols makes something a bit too ritualistic and sometimes a practitioner might become “symbol” focused instead of “client” focused.

Other Person-Application

Any people who have received treatment, not in a Reiki classroom environment, have made their own choice.  I ofter them Reiki or TT, if they are familiar with both types, otherwise I allow my Spirit to guide me in any treatments that ensue.

I also make individual determination(s) based on each individual who comes through the door.  I self-assess the person using non-rigid assessments; assessments more applicable to how comfortable each individual might be.

General Assessments Considered – For Comfort of Client(s)

  1. What is the person’s physical condition with respect to their ability to access and lay comfortably on the massage table for an one hour treatment?
  2. What is the person’s preference.  Do they prefer to sit on a chair for the treatment?
  3. Of course there is the matter of touch.  Some people do not like to be touched so every person is asked whether s/he is okay with touch during the session.

Who Can Heal

There isn’t a human being alive who can call her or himself by the name of healer.

We are instruments of the Healer.  Every human being.  You don’t need a license to practise.  It’s a YHWH (God) given right and ability for each of us to help our bodies heal themselves!!

Many can help a body to heal itself by incorporating different things to support the body in its own self-healing process.

I am not a healer, I am a believer – in the Healer.  Yeshua is my Reiki Master, Shaman, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Reflexologist, etc.

People have received energy treatments and everyone has left feeling in a better place; more relaxed than when they arrived.  On more than a few occasions they have nodded off during the session and I leave them for a few minutes to see if they come back to presence on their own.

Any time I have ever found myself feeling relaxed, it has been almost a surprise and novel feeling.  What a tragedy that life today has become such that 5 minutes of relaxation is now a precious gift worth more than all the gold in the universe.

So, if a client gets that gift of feeling relaxed, it is a priceless gift.

If anyone receives any kind of relaxation treatment they ought to consider they have received a great and priceless pearl and their body will thank them.  To be able to relax is to allow your body to flow a little freer, to feed the must needed energy, nourishment to the areas of the body that have been clogged by negative energy, perhaps physical or emotional injuries.

I dare say that a person who can cat nap for even 15 minutes will feel like a new person.


I am actually glad I came across the article I am not writing it off, because anything can become a cult – a my way or the highway kind of organization.

We must be extremely careful when we are delving into the unknown and we must educate ourselves in things like ancient symbolism and their original uses and intent.

Never enter into anything without being fully informed.

As to whether one energy therapy is better than another – my opinion:  no. Those are just names that we’ve applied to what we do.  Healing is all about two things, and two things only:


Like Scripture tells us, if two or more of us agree on something, Yeshua will be there in the midst of us and He will accomplish, if we seek with all of our heart, our mind and body, there He will be.  When someone comes to see you for a session they have a desire to get better, you align with that desire and then it becomes the intent of you and the practitioner that the person gets better.

Bottom Line

I walk with Yeshua and my guardian angel(s) – sometimes a whole army of them.  The closer I feel to him, the stronger the attack gets because it is never you or me the enemy wants, other than to say the enemy is Yeshua’s enemy and he wants to take away all that Yeshua loves – you and me. His days re numbered, and the heats getting hotter … and the enemy is desperate.

We must be ever vigilent and press into our protector, guide and be open to new things coming down the pipeline.  With our lamps filled to overflowing, awaiting the unexpected, trusting in the healing and restoring power of our Blessed Creator.



    1. Absolutely – this Reiki, TT and all that just labels, window dressings. No one needs any of that because every human is equipped with the ability within her/himself for self-healing. We are, after all, perfection….Spirit!

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