Oneness is a Face to Face Relationship

Was doing some reading on Moshe (Moses) and his relationship with YHWH and came across interesting explanation with respect to why Scripture tells us we cannot see YHWH face to face and live.

In Exodus 33:11 we are told that YHWH did speak to Moses face to face and then in verse 33:20 it says:

“You are not able to see my face, because no man may see my face and yet live.”

So, nine verses earlier the book of Exodus tells us that,

“Hashem would speak to Moses face to face, as a man would speak with his fellow; then he would return to the camp.”

The explanation given is that the difference lies in the state Moses is in when he speaks with YHWH face to face.  He is able to see YHWH face to face because he is One with Hashem.  YHWH can

“manifest in the form of a human being with a face, yet this is not the only form of God, therefore, face-to-face indicates Moses’ state of being is not separate from God’s.”

Oneness is a face to face relationship.

Bam!  That struck me right between the eyes when I read those seven words.  I think we might have a difficult time understanding that if we try and visualize this from a human perspective utilizing a human body.  How can you and I be one body and see face to face.  It would mean that both of our eyes are turned inwards towards one another.  And, that is where I went wrong in trying to visualize what was being said.

Two Faces in OneWhen I transport my human thinking, reasoning and worldly logic into the realm of the Spiritual it will never make any sense.  In fact even as I am writing this blog I am still rambling in my head, trying to “picture” it, and I just cannot.

In the other state of being, the author says that Moses is as all people who have adopted the inverted consciousness of duality and separation. It is on the reverse of reality and thus he cannot see the face of YHWH.

Again, this does make sense and explains for me why I had difficulty with “seeing” the oneness face to face.  It was because though I was speaking of Oneness, I was thinking in duality:  Him and me.  There is no Him and me in Oneness, therefore there isn’t two faces there simply is Face.

Even using the term face seems out of place, but I guess it is the Spiritual realm trying to help us understand with our limited thinking and reasoning.  We only have what we’ve Two Facesalways known to be our reality to compare with as we stumble into this True Reality and began to comprehend all that is being shown to us.  It is rather an exhausting process for someone like me who always likes to analyze, dig deep and dissect to understand and know the underpinnings of everything!  At times I wear myself out!!

In verse 33:23 it says that when Moses cannot see YHWH’s face, he can see his back.  Interestingly, the name of Moses in Hebrew, Moshe, and seen in the reverse or backwards in Hebrew, is the name Hashem, the name of YHWH.  Now, I thought that was pretty darn cool!!

Adam Becomes Adam & Eve

When I read about the formation of Adam and then Eve I always thought about a bone, a rib taken out of Adam and then Eve came into being.  I think of the ribs only from the frontal perspective.

What if that portion that is now Eve was taken from the back portion of Adam; Adam is the front half and Eve the back half.  A singular person split down the middle becoming two people.  Adam facing forward (so to speak, or it could be other way around) and Eve facing backward.

Eyes in the Back of Her Head

When I had been thinking about the face to face and trying to reason what it meant, I thought about that expression we have, “She has eyes in the back of her head.”  I don’t know the historical authorship of the expression.  I certainly recall over the years hearing it used in the context of my mother, for instance, if we were trying to get away with something and she’d turn around, as if she knew what we were up to, and my siblings and I would wonder if “she had eyes in the back of her head.”

As a Oneness we are 360 as Creator who sees all.  There is no separation or division; no yesterday or tomorrow; no up or down; no in or out.  There just Is.

I just looked up the expression and the Cambridge dictionary defines the expression as meaning:

to know everything that is happening around you

I’ve Got Your Back

I also thought about what it means when we tell someone we’ve got their back.  On the earthly plain it is rather uncomplicated.  Two people are involved and one is telling the other that they will support them in their endeavour.

Could it be, perhaps, more appropriately “I am your back?”  Just something to think about, because as One I am your back and I am your front.  The circumstances or the need would determine which at any given time.

Well, that’s it for now.  As always I end up writing and signing off with more things to think about and possibly write.



  1. When I think of Oneness, I think of no separation whatsoever, Moshe in the Tabernacle experiencing Hashem in and of himself. Face to face then would be my face, YHWH’s face, it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same, the exact same animal.

    You cannot do this in physicality. One must switch worlds, switch perspectives, because it can only be done in Spirit. 😉


    1. Yes, I do know my friend … I’m still having to consciously switch out of the physical ‘thinking’ aspect. But when I am sitting at a key board and it is then I “see” something, it’s not particularly conducive to “meditating-Spiritual contemplation” ….

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