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Be Open to Truth: Lessons I Learned via Book of Esther

Introductory Recommendation(s)

Can I give you a suggestion with respect to what I have come to know about intuitive thoughts, that seem only as random thoughts?  If there are things in your life, habits that you have which one might label as good habits; things that perhaps no one else you know is in the habit of doing?  If so, be faithful to whatever this is, even though you may not understand why you are doing this at the time.  Eventually, as it is with Creator, the pieces of the puzzle of your life, including this weird habit, will begin to take shape and make sense.

For me it is the love of books and how and when I purchase them.  It doesn’t matter what the subject matter happens to be.  It could be something that you think you are not to read because of some religious doctrine, like as it was for me on Shamanism.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have walked down an aisle of books, either browsing or searching for some religious, esoteric or spiritual book, and unconsciously stopped at some book about Shamanism.  I always thought to myself, “I can’t buy this.  It’s against my religion.”  So I would walk on by.  It wasn’t until around the time I became a Reiki Master (2008) and really studied spirituality, the testaments that never made it into our versions of the bible(s), etc., that I “saw” that it (Shamanism) was not a taboo, horrible or unspiritual thing as some religions had taught.

I always sign the inside cover of the book, make note of the place where it was bought and the date it was bought.  Over the last three years while offline, I have picked books from my bookshelf to read, for the first time, that I had purchased in 1995 and even earlier, and never before read.  I guess Creator knew I was ready to hear and receive the message(s).

In fact I’ve often written that if Yeshua was here today, we could label him a Shaman!

Discernment of Truth

Remember also, that we do not look to any other human being for what is Truth.  There are many wise women and men whose books and writings flood the book market and internet.  I am grateful for their intellectual abilities and that they have employed these unmerited Grace Gifts from Creator to serve humankind.  They provide me with

Discern Truth – Hear Your Intuitive Self

seeds that I must then take before Spirit for revelation of my Truth in this moment, for what it is Spirit is now revealing to me for my personal journey.

I then take these seeds of my truth, sit down at my computer when prompted to write, and allow Spirit to speak the full message to me, for my edification, learning, understanding and wisdom, and to share it with others who will cross my path vis-à-vis the writing/blog.

I am saying this because amongst all the wise women and men, even those who put together the Torah/Tanakh/Bible, their understanding, their truth will not be my understanding and truth.  No human can teach another human truth.  Only truth knows truth; only truth can speak to truth.

My truth, my spirit alone can understand Spirit.  Flesh cannot speak with Spirit, nor can it understand the things of Spirit.

Books of Esther and Daniel

When I had myself baptized at age 40, shortly after that the Lord gave me two primary books (that is Spirit brought them to mind, although I’d never heard of either as it was the beginning of my journey into the bible):  Daniel and Esther.  When those names came to mind I found Daniel in the version of the bible I was using, but there was no Esther.

I felt that these would be books that would be relevant to my journey, never thinking that revelations that would come would have to do with anyone other than myself; that perhaps they were to be my guide in how I was to live my life.

That has now changed as I delve deeper into scriptures (been at it for a lot of years) and I become less ego-centric (or at least like to think I am becoming less that way).  Esther has been on my mind and so I was reading the book of Esther in one version of the bible (the Messianic Bible).  I noticed that I only read so far in this book.  All of my bibles and similar spiritual books are marked up with dates, times, notations, thoughts, etc.  So with Esther I seemed to flip back and forth.

In 2005 I was privileged to be able to do the reading and teaching (my thoughts) on Esther for Purim and if I were asked to do so today, what I spoke about would be much different to what it was in 2005.  This is how it happens as we deepen our studies and searches for Truth, in communion with Spirit.  What I once thought was my truth to learn, turns out to be something else; something I never saw, for instance, 13 years ago when speaking on Esther.

Original Focus on Esther re My Journey

For years I always felt that the only message for me from the book of Esther was that classic line spoken by her uncle Mordecai when he approached her to go before the King without being summoned (in order to save the Jewish people).  When Esther seemed to argue with him about what and how it should be done, seeming not to agree, Mordecai said to her (my paraphrase):

How do you know but that you are (here and now, this moment) for such a time as this.

I believe Mordecai was talking about saving the Jewish people from extermination.  It’s a pretty powerful thing to hear and I have no doubt it weighed heavily on Esther as she sought to do what her uncle asked of her.

I am not saying that I am, as Esther, here to save the Jewish peoples. My thoughts on why this scripture was given to me are primarily about what Mordecai said in reference to this being my “such a time.”

Remember that sometimes people of history, including what is labelled as being mythological, are often there as types for individuals to discern how it elates to our own journey.  We must always keep in mind that we are individuals with a very personal journey unrelated to anyone who was or will be.

To sum up, my only focus was on Esther and her part in the story of Esther.  There are other points in the book that have spoken to me from time to time, as I evolve; things I’ve likely read a decade ago and yet didn’t remember reading.  Has that ever happened to you?  Do you ever go back to read a sentence, chapter or even a book and get one of those ah ha! moments realizing and thinking,

I didn’t know that; never saw that before! It was there all the time, yet I didn’t see it.

So my friends, if there is something that Spirit has spoken to you, hang on to it for as long as you live and breathe.  I am learning that the Lord is never finished explaining and teaching us through Spirit, when we have a heart that hears what Spirit is saying.

Sages & Dreamers by Elie Wiesel

I have a book called Sages and Dreamers by Elie Wiesel who won the Nobel Peace Price in 1986.   For many years I have randomly bought books because they caught my attention; dated them when I got home and placed them on one of my bookshelves.

I bought the book at a sidewalk sale of books at Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue in Toronto in 1996! I only make note of where the book was purchased because it was just south of that terrible event that took place in Toronto. I don’t believe in coincidences, so I knew there was something Spirit wanted me to see and hear.

I had flagged the book of Daniel and the book of Esther on August 29, 2017, and had Discernment - Oswald Chambersstarted to read Daniel, but never finished.  My first read of Esther was April 28 and 29, 2018.

Esther (Ester) the Sage-Prophetess

Being who I am and with my upbringing, and even recent teachings of the church, when I see a book about sages (and dreamers) I have always thought it is going to be about men; after all a sage is a wise person and scripture repeatedly speaks of wise men.

Well, there is a whole chapter devoted to Esther as a prophetess and a sage (wise woman).

Time Line – 486 to 465 BC

When the Jews were taken into captivity and lived in Sushan (Susa), Persia, it was under the rule of King Ahaseurus (some called Xerxes, depending on the book, bible, history, article). He is mentioned by Herodotus, but for Herodotus his wife’s name was neither Esther nor Vashti but Amestris.  Herodotus writes that Persian kings would marry women from seven noble families only.  Esther was Jewish.

As you can see, there is conflict even in the Judaic writings and teachings about the names of people, when they existed, who they really are/were.

Additional Relevant Facts re Book of Esther

==>Married to Mordecai & Senior Citizen

I do not recall ever reading in any version of the bible that Esther, besides being the niece of Mordecai, was also married to him, yet that is the information contained in Weiss’ book.

I presumed Esther was some young, hot chick and that’s why Ahaseurus chose her to be his Queen after he ditched and then murdered Queen Vashti.  Apparently I could be wrong in this ass-umption.  It is suggested she was around 75 years old; definitely no spring chicken.  This showed me just how my thinking is still influenced by my birth, upbringing and the things of the world.

Discerning Truth from Error & Lies
Discern Truth from Lies @ Such a Time

I was delighted to hear that Esther may have been an octogenarian and it made since because most of the other biblical heroes were also octogenarians when their ministry/purpose under for being took off.  There’s still a whole lot of hope there for those who are in the Autumn of their lives!  Thank you YHWH!

==>Esther Was a Liar & Disobeyed Torah Law

Personally speaking, the business of lying is one that has occupied my mind for years, the need for continual thought reinforced by the Book of Revelation that tells us that included amongst those who will be cast into the Lake of Fire are, “all liars.”

Obviously lying weighs heavily on the mind of the creator, and my truth as discovered some time ago as to why all liars was that when I choose to lie I am taking sides with the enemy of YHWH, the Chief Liar, ha-Satan himself.  You can’t serve YHWH and ha-Satan.  You must choose.

You can lie by omission. That is exactly what Esther did; never admitting that she was Jewish.  Her uncle/husband Mordecai never lied and everyone knew he was Jewish and according to scripture he was the “bane of Haman’s existence.”  Haman had an absolute hatred of Mordecai and all Jews.

According to the Midrash, Esther asked Mordecai to proclaim a three day fast he checked the dates and answered indignantly,

“Impossible.  It falls on Passover, it interferes with our holidays. …”

She was really ticked off with Mordecai’s response; remember she’s not only his niece but apparently his wife, and yet he had her strut her stuff in the beauty pageant when the king was looking to find a new queen!  Esther doesn’t take it sitting down and says to Mordecai:

“Listen, old man, of course my request interferes with Passover–and it is true that Jewish laws forbid fasting on a holiday.  But what would happen to Passover if there were no Jews left to observe it?” 

She appears to have been successful in her argument because Mordecai said she was right.

Question:  Am I to take it, then, that it is open to argument as to when to obey the Word of YHWH.  Is it okay to lie.  Is it okay to disobey the laws?

==>Ahaseurus Quick Tempered Reactionary

The personality of the king played a major role.  He was weak minded, indecisive and easily swayed by others. He murdered his wife and then Haman.  He never thought things through and was susceptible to the suggestions of others.  He was greatly influenced by the lusts of the flesh; not just physical attraction, but greed and lust for power.

Because of Queen Vashti the king reduces all women to servitude and because of Haman he was ready to allow all Jews to be massacred, and, because of Esther he saves the Jews.

The characteristics of this king remind me of some of today’s rulers; those easily influenced by the passions of their humanness and prepared to do anything to get what they want, including murder.  There are leaders today who choose those they want in places of leadership according to how well the chosen will serve their purposes.  If they do not like what the person does, they don’t go so far as to murder them, but they have no hesitation in firing them.

==>Queen Vashti a Strong Woman

Vashti was a pawn in her husband’s court.  When she refused to strip and dance to entertain the king’s guests, she was banished and ultimately she was murdered.  Vashti appears to have been a liberated woman and Haman’s argument to the king as to why she should be banished and ultimately murdered was that her actions would influence other women who would in turn disobey their husbands and follow suit.

Vashti had guts and was not afraid to stand her ground.  Her argument, as recorded in the Midrash, is dignified and noble:

“Why do you wish me to appear naked before your guests, Sire?  If they find me beautiful, they will kill you to possess me; if they think me ugly, my ugliness will blemish you.”

According to Weiss, the Midrash comments:

“She talked to him in hints and he understood nothing; she scratched him and he felt nothing.”

Enraged, she continued:

“Who and what were you when you worked in the house of my father?  You worked in his stable.  You are used to mingling with prostitutes; now you are king but your manners have not changed. … Remember:  in the house of my father people were  condemned to die–but never naked.”

==>Vashti was Anti-Jew

I must confess that in all my years of scripture reading and study I never gave much thought to Vashti, nor the other characters referenced.  I suppose you might say I really did have tunnel vision, only seeking to know about Esther.  I felt sorry for Vashti, but gave it little thought once Esther became the new Queen.  I suppose my reason for this is that I thought had not Vashti disobeyed then Esther wouldn’t have been made Queen and had the opportunity to intervene to save the Jewish people.

It is felt that Vashti was trying to incite the Jewish women to give up Judaism by making them work on the Sabbath; and she dissuaded her husband from rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem, saying:

“My grandfather, Nebuchadnezzar, destroyed Jerusalem and you want to rebuild it?”


Those are just a few of the things that recently came to light for me and the sole purpose of this blog is to get you thinking about what it is you are reading and ask yourself if you are searching with predetermined ideas, with tunnel vision, or are you entering the door open to whatever is found and Spirit draws to your attention.