Round Dance of Cross or Hymn of Yeshua

There is so much out there about Yeshua that is not included in our bible versions, it saddens me.  I have to ask why these writings were not included, especially given that Christianity is all about Yeshua.  I don’t really have to ask if I think about the motives of those compiling our bible versions.  I am certain there is even more material out there than I have been able to get my hands on.  What I have written is so very important to me.

Yeshua is our role model, the way, the truth and the light of the world, so why don’t we Yeshua the Lightsimply have a New Testament that includes absolutely everything that he taught?  The materials that I have been reading, a lot of them come from the post-crucifixion period.  In our bibles Yeshua’s life comes to an abrupt end shortly after his reappearance.

But he hung around, for a long time after what we are told about. For example in the Lost Book of James we are told that Yeshua is teaching James and Peter and at the time of the teachings it was 550 days after his crucifixion.  Wouldn’t you want to include in the bible what Yeshua had to impart to the disciples following his resurrection; the teachings of light that he brought back to share with his disciples, although it wasn’t all of them whom he took under his wing.  He was selective.

We Must First Know, Feel, Experience & Do Personally

I sat down to write and share with you from a chapter in the Gnostic Gospels by M. Meyer called The Round Dance of the Cross or Hymn of Jesus.  It is a teaching about things that Spirit has had me see clearly.  Everything that we desire to do for others in this journey must first be felt, done and experienced by us.

For example, if you recall there is a scripture that tells us Yeshua “learned obedience through the things he suffered.”  My thoughts in this moment are that perhaps he, like Jonah, didn’t particularly want to do certain things and had to be forced or put into situations that would direct him to doing what was required or asked.  I personally can relate to that type of learning scenario.

Round Dance of Cross or Hymn of Jesus

Yeshua told the disciples to gather around him in a circle formation and to respond to what he says by saying “Amen.”  The following are the words Yeshua spoke and the disciples said Amen after each:

  • Glory to you, word.  Glory to you, grace.
  • Glory to you, spirit.  Glory to you, holy one.  Glory to your glory.Dancing with Abba
  • We praise you, father.
  • We thank you, light, in whom no darkness lives.

The following are the words I feel apply to what I said above about us personally having to experience these things before we can then apply or give to others.  He continues saying, “I declare why we offer thanks:”

  • I will be saved and I will save.
  • I will be released and I will release.
  • I will be wounded and I will wound.
  • I will be born and I will bear.
  • I will eat and I will be eaten.
  • I will hear and I will be heard.
  • I will be in mind, I, pure mind.
  • I will be washed and I will wash.

He now continues, saying, “Grace dances,” and says the following. For me personally, these are words that will require much thought as they speak to me when I read them.  I can’t even begin to understand what is meant for some of them and I know that when I am required to understand Spirit will bring them before me in the right moment and Dancingwill reveal the truth, my truth.

You can see that for some of these we have a similar type or version in our bible. I have used a red font for those.  There are others that I think refer to the heavenly realm, and these are in blue font.

  • I will play the flute.  Dance, everyone.
  • I will weep.  Lament, everyone.
  • A realm of eight sings with us.
  • The twelfth number dances above.
  • The whole universe joins in dancing.
  • If you do not dance you do not know what is.
  • I will run away and I will remain.
  • I will adorn and I will be adorned.
  • I will be united and I will unite.
  • I am homeless and I have homes.
  • I have no place and I have places.
  • I have no temple and I have temples.
  • I am a lamp to you who see me.
  • I am a mirror to you who recognize me.
  • I am a door to you who knock on me.
  • I am a way to you, passerby.

Like I said, for the life of me I wish we could go back to the days of composition of our bibles and get all of these teachings inserted.  After all they are the core foundation of what I seek to know.

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