Spirit’s Message(s) on Faith: Walking the Tightrope

This morning Spirit directed me to read Psalm 37.  It talks about faith, reinforcing thoughts I’ve had most recently about faith and earlier messages from Spirit that this faith which I am to have in the Lord is a faith in all areas of my life – that nothing is excluded.

More specifically as it pertains to current events in my life, I speak of computer issues; a continually frustrating and expensive venture that has seen me spend a lot of money trying to get supposed experts to fix the issues.  I do not specifically criticize them, but what the Lord has shown me is that He wants to help me, to work through me to resolve these issues as and when they show their ugly faces; and, they will.

Once again things happened to force me offline, unable to get the computer up and running.  Historically I have called an expert for help, had them do whatever it is they do, only to encounter the same issue(s) over and over again.

Spirit’s Messages

This week, Spirit (bless her Heart), reminded me that:

  • girl you’ve got to develop your Faith, and you know how that happens.  If you don’t want it and all it entails, then don’t ask.  But … you already asked, so there’s no backing down!!
  • YHWH is in charge and in control of everything about life as we know it
  • nothing is impossible for YHWH
  • expert’s expertise (knowledge, understanding and sometimes a bit of wisdom thrown in) is a gift from YHWH
  • He even cares about my ability to access the internet

Psalm 37 (Life Application Bible)

After doing my meditation and journaling this morning I then read Psalm 37.  Key things that I journalled, which were subsequently confirmed in reading Psalm 37 were:

  • FAITH is not a one time thing; there are different and varying degrees of faith that will meet the different and varying degrees of challenges we encounter in this journey with Him.

faith needs to be nourished and developed

  • the passion I have for writing and sharing His Truth with others is His gift to me, and being His gift He provides me with all ability to share that gift
  • faith in Him and His faithfulness to accomplish His Will and His Word(s) in my life is not a one time thing; that it needs to be developed and thus as it develops it strengthens the human aspect of me and edifies the way I think about life’s circumstances, events and even myself and who I am in relation with Him
  • the strengthening of the human aspect of me aligns me with Spirit, forming a collaborative teamwork in all areas of my life
  • I called upon YHWH for help, once again, non-stop for three days, asking Him to grant me access that that part of my brain that would give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how to fix the issue(s).  After three days and working on the computer, yesterday I was successful in getting back online.
  • as in other areas of my life where I seek guidance I have been learning to run to the Throne first, not the phone or the computer repair person.  These types of issues are included in the all of my life scenario and I am to run to the Throne and not the phone (first)
Psalm 37 v.39 to 40
The Lord IS Our Stronghold

The key verses of Psalm 37 that spoke to my heart this morning are:

  • v. 5 COMMIT EVERYTHING you do [oops, even my comuter’s safety and health] to the Lord.  TRUST Him to help you do it AND He will.
  • v. 32  Evill men spy on the godly, waiting for an excuse to accuse them [the word spy is so appropriate as regards computer hacking, privacy breaches, etc. – doesn’t this just speak to what have been issues I have encountered?]
  • v. 33 BUT the Lord [not me the human, but the Lord through me the human] will not let these evil men succeed, nor let the godly be condemned when they are brought before the judge.
    • v. 34  Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act!  KEEP travelling steadily along His pathway [for my life], and in DUE SEASON [in His perfect timing] He will honour you with every blessing, and you will see the wicked destroyed.
  • v. 39  The Lord saves the godly!  He IS their salvation and their refuge WHEN trouble comes [not if or even that it will only happen once, trouble keeps coming for the evil seeks to hurt the Father by defeating the human, having them turn away from the Father … and evil never gives up, ever!]
  • v. 40  BECAUSE they TRUST IN Him, He HELPS them and delivers them from plots of evil men.

Walking the Tightrope of Faith

We have to learn to trust YHWH with all of our affairs.  Just as Yeshua had to learn obedience through the things he suffered (life’s challenges), we too must learn to trust; to develop this faith we say we have.

The following story illustrates quite nicely what our actions will show if we truly have faith in YHWH; in His Faithfulness to accomplish through us those things He has purposed for our lives.

==>>True Story

In 1857 there was a tightrope walker by the name of Blondin who stretched a two inch steel cable across the gorge of Niagara Falls.  There were a lot of people watching to see what he would do and he shouted out to them asking,

“How many of you believe that I can carry the weight of a man on my shoulders across this gorge?”

The people shouted out their belief that he could do it so he carried a 180 pound sack of sand on his shoulders and crossed the gorge.  He then shouted to the people asking them,

“How many of you believe that I can actually carry a person across the gorge?”

Apparently many people shouted out that they thought he could do it so Blondin asked them,

“Which one of you will climb on my shoulders and let me carry you across the falls?”

Dead silence ensued!  They wanted to see him do it, but no one was willing to volunteer, to put her/his life on the line – based upon their belief or faith.

Apparently some time later Blondin did carry a man across the gorge; his manager who had been with him for years.  When he agreed to do it, Blondin gave him the following instructions:

“You must not trust your own feeling, but mine.” 

As they prepared for the crossing Blondin continued speaking to his manager saying,

“You will feel like turning when we don’t need to turn.  And if you trust your feelings, we will both fall.  You must become part of me.”


As the Lord walks beside us along the pathway, and sometimes as He carries us on His shoulders, we must not trust our own feelings but believe in Him, His promises, His faithfulness and His omnipotence.

Our Creator wants, desires that we seek Him in and for all things that make up this life we are living.  He delights when we do this, when we speak and have these conversations with Him.