With These Hands: Spirit’s Message

This morning during my normal ‘wash’ ritual in which I use one of those battery operated brushes for massaging the face and neck area to get the circulation going, etc.,etc. – you know what I am talking about – I closed my eyes and I noticed that the tool in my hand seemed to be moving to areas of the face etc. on its own.  With my eyes still closed and really feeling relaxed, like even that simple act was in the hands of someone out of my control, it was as if the brush knew what needed the attention.

It seemed to stop in certain areas for a while and then move on, sometimes concentrating more in other areas of my face.  Just for a smile, it took a bit more time beneath the chin – you know the skin area that with the passage of time appears to lose some of its elasticity and might begin to sag a bit!

The point of this entire face massage meditation is the message from Spirit, that whatever we hold in our hands is an extension of the pure energy flowing from within, and that it too receives direction, positive (or negative, depending on my state of mind) energies and all of that stuff.

From a simple face wash I was reminded that whatever my hands touch will leave behind energies that will either benefit or detract from that which I touched.  I will think more consciously when I pat someone on the back or take their hand; praying that in that gesture I am holding only loving thoughts for the person.

Without being conscious of these things it is difficult to go through a day, look back and wonder if I have “done no harm” to a brother or sister.

By the way, my face seemed more glowing and healthy looking after this morning’s ritual.

With the fingers that write this blog, touching you in ways I will never know, I pray that the energies you receive are energies of love, joy, peace, contentment and pure an wholly, holy fullness.