Our Father

Thinking about the prayer many people know as the ‘Our Father’ as I meditated this morning.

As has happened before as I started to say the words, when I came to His Will being done ‘on earth’ I modified it to say:

in this earthen vessel

This time I didn’t stop there and the following is the one I spoke in referencing how personal this prayer can be.  It turned into a conversation and as I re-read it, it is a commitment on my part:

My Father who is in the Heavens and is the Heavens, Holy is Your Name;

Thy kingdom is come and I pray that your purpose for me be accomplished in this earthen vessel as You purposed for me from before I was.

Give me thy word for this day to guide and lead me along the way You would have me go;

And in advance Father I ask that should I mess up, Grace me with your forgiveness, inasmuch Father as I forgive others who somehow in their humanness mess up and cause me some perceived wrong.

Everything is and was and always will be Yours; seen and unseen, heard and unheard, animate and inanimate, senses known and unknown AND the expanse of emotions that wash through me day in and day out.