Humility and Pride

When we think and/or act from humility or pride the fruits that result clearly let the world and us know our motives.

When what we do comes from a place of humility:

  • it leads to wisdom
  • we take advice and become wise
  • we reflect an obvious reverence for the Lord
  • there is a deep and abiding sense of contentment
  • it results in honour and respect – not just of and for self but imparting to another the seed of honour and respect for the Majesty of the Lord

When our words and actions are emitted from a sense of self-pride, the fruit is quite different and will tell the world of our prideful motives;

  • the end result can be one of shame
  • it often leads to arguments, especially as we try to forcefully impose our ideas and interpretation upon others
  • the Lord is definitely not impressed
  • can lead to destruction
  • Scripture tells us it is worse than acting foolishly
  • it ends in a fall – from Grace and ultimately collapse of our endeavours

There is a Scripture that succinctly sums it up and says, “pride cometh before a fall.”

We do well to remember that all that we are and are capable of is a Grace Gift from the Lord.