Decision Making

Watching a program and a Pastor gave a simple six point checklist to help us in making decisions.

  1. Clear the pathway. Clear your heart of any sin. For me this happens when I am praying and Spirit brings things to mind like anger, unforgiveness, etc. Sin fogs the mind.
  2. Patience. Exercise patience. Being patient is indeed an exercise for me; sometimes more challenging than my physical workouts! If we have a sudden urge to make a decision, the pastor said, back off! Psalm 25:3 tells us that when we wait on the Lord we will not be ashamed.
  3. Pressure. Be alert to pressure of others (good intentions or not) and self-imposed pressure. If you are uncertain then wait. I have a saying: When in doubt, don’t! Be sure to examine the consequences of the decision.
  4. Persist in Prayer. As we do so, know YHWH is working things out for us, perhaps still preparing us: and we draw ourselves closer to Him as we continue in prayer.
  5. Rest in His Promises. I immediately think of the Scripture that tells us to ask and it will be given, door will open, etc. And last but definitely not least:
  6. Wait for His Peace. There is no uncertainty about a decision when it is His desire for us. That sort of lines up with my saying I noted in point 3 above.