Action Needed

We pray and believe but do we go any further? It is not enough. Faith without works is an empty vessel and doesn’t do much until we do something.

Using the Word and the Name we must speak to the situation and then move forward claiming the Truth of YHWH’s promises.

I have been labouring in a belief, that is a lie of the enemy; that I am unworthy, that I have enough and should accept my current situation.

Why? Why should I accept anything less than the best for a daughter of the King, the Creator who owns all?

Could it be that deep within I still believe the untruths I was taught by the RC church in my childhood? Because I even had to ask that question I know the answer to be yes.

It seems to me that I have spent most of my life since I had myself baptized at age 40 undoing 40 years of false doctrines and teachings. My cup still appears to have dregs of untruth clinging to it. I wonder and ask, “How much longer Lord?”

I am taking action, one step, one moment at a time towards my destiny and holding tightly to the Love of ABBA Father.

My Spirit has been gently whispering to me that “the moment is here; just around the corner.”

I believe. I know that I know and for you who are reading, I ask you to join in that belief – for you and me.