O’Donohue on Guilt, Shame, Spiritual Abuse, etc.

When in Ireland I discovered an amazing author and fell in love with his writing and wisdom. I speak of John O’Donahue.

The following is some of his wisdom which I have found enlightening and healing. It is his take on the meaning and life of various words.

Mistakes – The person who never made a mistake never made anything.

Guilt – Is an uncomfortable BUT convenient excuse for fear of growth.

Shame – Is one of the most distressing and humiliating emotions. It is a force intended to put one outside of all belonging. It dehumanizes a person. The language of shame is lethal.

Racism – The intention of racism is to shame its victims into becoming non-persons.

Belief About YHWH – We who inherit a belief of a negative deity (punishing God) have awful lives. We’re partly responsible for keeping ourselves prisoners (of these beliefs). Religion supplies the building materials and we took up the task of our own incarceration.

Spiritual Abuse – Sticks like tar in the core of the mind.

It’s interesting that I made a note of these particular words of O’Donohue in July 2017, intending to write something. Guess now is the time; this the season and someone is ready to hear.