Light, DNA and Healing


The human body stores and gives off light. All living things are constantly emitting photons ranging from only a small number to many hundreds.

What surprises me is that small rudimentary animals and plants give off significantly more light (about 100 photons per square centimetre per second) than us mere mortals. Our rate is 10 photons per second in the same size area.

W are talking about light of such high vibrational rate that of course it can’t be seen (200-800 nanometers).

The work of a German theoretical biophysicist in this area was extensive and his discoveries date back to 1970. His studies began with a deadly carcinogen, benzo[a]pyrene. When it was zapped with ultraviolet light, it absorbed the light – but then spit it back out at a totally different frequency!

This became relevant in working with things like cancer; the descrambling of light and therefore changing vibrational frequencies.

Popp discovered that every single cancer causing substance would rearrange ultraviolet light the same way!

The point in sharing some of this technical data and info is primarily to show that we have had these discoveries for over 40 years and the knowledge is not something that the general population of this planet has been made aware of.


Are you aware that DNA responds to human consciousness? I had no idea, but a light bulb (pardon the pun) came on when I read that.

Our consciousness is used in the sense of our daily life and awareness. It starts with our thoughts which will translate into speech and/action.

Our thoughts vibrate at varying rates depending on their substance (content).

DNA unwinds when a cell is about to divide or has been damaged (i.e. when it is dead). It winds when it is working to repair or heal itself.

The amount of winding or unwinding in DNA can be directly measured by how well it absorbs light!

As I reflect on this information, it is another “ah ha!” moment. Why is it that we hear about illnesses more frequently beginning in mid to late Fall of the year? Could it be due to the shortening of daylight hours, and therefore less sunlight?

It has been scientifically proven that a lack of ultraviolet light affects our moods. Bad moods are equated with negative thinking; a snowball effect.

Good and bad moods have different vibrational rates; bad lower than good.

Personally speaking I can say that if I get sick in the Spring or Summer, I recover quicker than in the Fall or Winter.

So, the next time you are feeling ill, talk yourself back to good health beginning with good thoughts. If it is Fall or Winter, bundle up and get out for a walk.

Everything about the body works together for our perfect health. We only need cooperate with the body’s works and give it the positive support it needs.

In closing I leave you with this to ponder.

Question: Are we harming ourselves by blocking out ultraviolet light with all the high level SPF skin products?

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