The Name Father and the Church

This blog is triggered by several things; the most recent just a few days ago in a conversation about the RC church’s issues in the news. I don’t think I have to say any more.

Not My Father

Out of the mouth of children we hear unedited truth.

My daughter was about two and a half when we were at Sunday mass at our RC church. We were sitting in the back of the church (you know- for fast exit if a child starts to act up). Church ended and we stood waiting for the priest to come down the aisle to the back. My daughter wanted to go and I told her we had to wait for Father to go by first.

She stomped her foot and loudly yelled,

“He’s not my father!”

We got a few awkward stares and chuckles from the congregation.

Priest Pastor Reverend Rabbi Minister

The Catholic religion is the only religion to call their priests by the name Father. Why do they call them by that name?

Yeshua (Jesus) is the basis upon which most religious orders base their role as priests. As a Jew he was called Rabbi which means teacher.

There are other names attributed to Yeshua such as the Good Shepherd. Scripture refers to those who followed and sought him as being part of the flock and others were referred to as lost sheep.

Anyone who does as Yeshua did in sharing the Word etc., can use such labels as:

  • Rabbi
  • High Priest
  • Reverend
  • Priest
  • Minister

You’ll notice that all of these names imply a position of service to others; of giving of self to or for another.

When Yeshua spoke of Father, he was acknowledging that he was beneath the authority or in service to someone greater than he. Yeshua saw himself as equal to humanity, in service to humanity, not as the Father of humanity.

Can anyone imagine Yeshua accepting that name for himself? When he spoke of YHWH he often called him Father. To imagine his then telling the people to refer to him or call him Father is inconceivable.

Given the above I am at a loss as to how the Catholic church came up with the name father.

The Word Father

The Hebrew Word for Father is ab (Hebrew 1). Ab is the first word of the Strong’s Hebrew:

1. ab pronounced awb – primary word; father in literal sense and immediately or figuratively and remote application:–(fore-) father (l-less), x patrimony, principal.

It is interesting to note that the name Abram (Strong’s 48 ab-rawm) means high Father and was the original name of the guy we call Abraham.

The name Abraham (Strong’s 85 ab-raw-hawm) contr. from #1 and unused root (prob. mean. to be populous); father of a multitude.

Given the Catholic church’s mandate that the priests can’t marry, they don’t meet the criteria of what is a father.

Does it matter? I believe it does because of the energy and powers held by letters and words.

We call someone a father because he has children. The Catholic church is the only denomination that does not allow its priests to marry and have families.

In a way the church has saddled the priests with a name that has them living a lie. It’s a form of duplicity.

Could it be that simple; the solution to the church’s problems that fill the news?

Change the name by which they call themselves, or better still allow them to marry?

I have never been able to find Scripture that says a priest can’t be married. It is a rule made up by the office of the Pope – who is not infallible by the way.