Fires of Testing – Malachi 3

By way of intro, I am a Canadian (born and bred) and I have often written or spoken on the relationship of Canada and the USA as it relates to Scripture.

The two key things that come to mind are how we are or could be related:

  • Sodom and Gomorrah, and
  • Little sister (Canada) and big sister (USA) as referenced by Ezekiel when he asks if the little sister will continue to follow in her big sister’s footsteps.

Last Tuesday during mediation Spirit told me to read Psalm 3. At the end of my meditation I picked up the bible I am using these days, the Complete Jewish Bible by Stern.

It was not until I completely read 3 that I realized I had read and journaled on Malachi 3.

From my journal (including things I emphasized with underlining) I share verbatim the following verses that spoke to me, especially in light of the devastating and horrific fires in California.

3:2 But who can endure the day when He comes? Who can stand when He appears? For He will be like a refiner’s fire like the soapmaker’s lye.

3:3 He will sit testing and purifying the silver, He will purify the sons of Levi, refining them like gold and silver.

3:5 Then I will approach you for judgment and I will be quick to witness against sorcerers, adulterers, and perjurers and those who take advantage of wage earners, widows and orphans, against those who rob the foreigner of his rights and don’t fear me.

3:19 For the day is coming, burning like a furnace, when all the proud and evildoers will be stubble, the day that is coming will set them ablaze and leave them neither root nor branch.

3:21 You (those who fear His name) will trample the wicked, they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I take action.

I find it difficult to think of the Father I have come to know allowing this to happen. It’s funny, because until about age 40 when I was baptized and began my journey with Yeshua, I only knew the vengeful God taught by my then religion, Catholicism.

The reason I reference Canada in this message is because historically what goes on south of the border eventually crawls its way into Canada and becomes either us following US ways and dictates, and/or major happenings in and to Canada such as those which first occurred in the United States.

Over the years it has seemed to me that the Lord first tests the waters of the States before moving on to the testing of Canada to see how we will respond. Examples so obvious are the major storms, floods and fires over the years. My first recollection of major flooding here in Canada was the Red River in Manitoba. I distinctly recall saying it was the opposite of the parting of the Red Sea.

Increasingly storms and nature’s ravages have worsened and become more and more common events here in Canada.

When we disrespect nature we will and are paying the price. I therefore ask of my country Canada, “Will we so blindly continue in our big sister’s footsteps?” (Ezekiel)

Thankfully as a nation our Prime Minister is not so foolish as the President of the United States as to deny climate change and suggest it has nothing to do with increased storms and changing weather patterns. 😁phew!😬 I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard President Trump lay blame at the door of the Forest Rangers the like (i.e. deflecting from climate change).

As for Sodom and Gomorrah, that Scripture gives me comfort in suggesting the events could be because Creator has finally reached the boiling point with our continuous rebellion and disrespect. The comfort is tha it’ not too late; that there’s still something we can collectively do.

I can almost see Him slamming down His gavel, as in a courtroom, and blurting out with great fury, “Enough! Enough is enough.”

Can the Lord find sufficient righteous men and women to intercede on behalf of this world?

Are we at a point where we must first and foremost ask the Lord not to permit this to worsen further?

Can any wo-man undo, set aside or stop what has been put in motion if in fact the Lord has permitted same? Will the Father accept our prayers as they rise up like sweet fragrance before His throne?

I believe we are at a real crossroads and that as in the time of Esther, this is such a time. Remember how Esther and the prophet Daniel acted and spoke in their times of great need.

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