To What Country Do You Belong

This is sourced from The Gospel of the Essenes, of which Yeshua was a student and teacher. The gospel speaks of the Teacher of Righteousness and this info is from the chapter titled by that name.

Yeshua says that when people ask them what country they belong to, they aren’t supposed to say they’re from this or that country because:

>>”it is only the poor body which is born in one small corner of this earth.”<<

Just those few words alone, if taken to heart by every human might alleviate some of the quarrelling and fighting and wars over land ownership; over any kind of right to say, for instance, ‘Canada is MY country and you can’t come here without my permission.’

I was born in Canada; I don’t own Canada. The Lord owns Canada.

Yeshua continues answering saying:

>>”But thou, O child of Light, belongeth to the Brotherhood which doth encompass all the heavens and beyond, and from thy Heavenly Father hath descended the seeds not only of thy father and grandfather, but of all things which are generated on the earth.

In truth, thou art a son of God, and all men thy brothers; and to have God for thy maker and thy Father and guardian, shall not this release us from all sorrow and fear?”<<

The brotherhood referenced is that of Brotherhood of Light.

When I read this detailed teaching of Yeshua and many others not found in our versions of the bible I wonder why they were left out?

I have spent many years searching for anything I could find about what Yeshua said and did. The New Testament is supposed to be the book for Christians and yet the very person who is the foundation has been edited out of the bible.

When we seek something with all we are, the Lord does provide, and when we get these things (including knowledge and wisdom especially) they are to be shared with others (some may be looking for that very same info).

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