With all that’s going on in the world it’s hard not to take to heart the prophetic words of the Prophet Enoch. More specifically I am talking about activities involving Asia and the Americas.

It is important to keep in mind that the land and boundaries defining continents and countries are much different today than in the time of Enoch.


According to Wiki, Enoch was born 622 years after the creation of Adam. His life on earth ended 987 after creation of Adam. He had lived on earth for 365 years. He didn’t die, he was taken up by YHWH (Gen 5:24).

Is it coincidental the number of Enoch’s years on earth and the number of days in our Gregoria calendar are both 365?

I don’t think so. There are no coincidences. Creator is precise in all things. Nothing is happenstance.

Enoch’s Prophecies

The following information, including maps are from the book YHWH: The Book of Knowledge-Keys of Enoch.

This blog is premised on the information found in these two pages of the book:

Enoch tells us that there will be a time when:

…great multitudes from Asia will break forth in a swift military move across Central Asia…

Then there will be humongous earthquakes and s giant earthquake causes massive land moves across Central Asia such that the Army was split apart:

…dividing the ranks of Gog into Gog and Magog…

Things are drawing to an end and following the split of the ranks from a blended army of China and Russia, China turns on Russia and goes to war with Russia.



As I write this, America is at “odds” with China. Here in Canada we are trading with China but a recent event involving the arrest of a female high ranking official in British Columbia for extradition to the USA to face criminal charges has put a strain on our relations.

That aside, according to the news this person is complicit along with China Un money laundering and the import of opioids that have been killing our citizens.

Then, there is also the matter of internet hacking.


We have sanctioned Russia for the deaths of former Russians in the UK. Our relationship is strained for that and other reasons, including potential election meddling.

USA has an even more tenuous relationship with the ongoing investigations regarding election meddling and influence in favour of current President Trump.

Russia is interfering with the freedom of other countries; currently including acts of aggression against Turkey, etc.


Where do we begin? These occur daily and have been increasing in strength and frequency.

Tsunamis and tsunami warnings have become more frequent and the areas have been Asia and the Pacific coastline extending all the way north to Alaska (USA’s last State). Sadly we here are caught in the middle along the coast of British Columbia.

So we have the key players of the America’s, Asia and Russia, all intertwined in what is occurring in the political world and the power of Mother Nature forces seen in earthquakes, fires, etc.

Three ingredients that are like trying to mix oil, fire and water!! Something’s got to give.

I am not saying when this will come together. I am suggesting that we are living:

in such a time as prophecized by the Keys of Enoch…

We aren’t to live in fear of events out of our control, but we are obligated to be aware and to do what we can.

We cannot leave out the events involving North Korea as well as Saudi’s Arabia and their “talks” with the USA.


The following maps depict the land masses and the projected movement of the Sons of Light; which land masses will be protected and which will be devastated.

The image is Plate 15: Sacred Tables of the Book of Numbers.

You may wish to re-read the Book of Numbers in the Torah/Old Testament. I know for me I stayed away from it. Couldn’t figure out why I would be interested, or even care?! Boy, was I wrong!

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