Words – Sword

A wo/man’s word is her/his bond.

We are repeatedly reminded in Scripture how forceful and impactful our tongues can be. We know it is not speaking about the actual tongue, but about the words that it speaks.

There are many verses in Scripture that compares the Words we speak as being like a two or double edged sword. The following are from the KJV Bible.

When these words were written, the sword that was commonly in use was huge and required the person to use two hands to heave it up into the air from a standing position. As the person did so, the sword would hover over the shoulder area and if the person wasn’t fully focused, conscious and aware of it, the sword would cut him first before it was then struck out at the intended victim.

We’ve all likely seen examples of these types of swords in movies based on bible stories.

When we speak, write or sign a word, Scripture tells us that we, the holder, will first have it applied to ourself. If we were present and fully aware of the word(s) and saw it would physically harm us I doubt there are many who wouldn’t hold their tongue or at least change a word or two to soften the blow.

A sword 🗡 can be used for good as well.

It can be used to trim off dead branches that are wasting energy and nourishment of a healthy tree, clogging and blocking the free flow of life giving energies to living appendages.

The words we speak have the same abilities. They can help a person to see blockages in their lives that require their attention for healing or removal.

Sword and Words

These two words have similar energies because they are made up of the exact same letters and therefore their numerical value is exactly the same.These words hold the energies of the number 4. This calculation is based on the English values assigned to the letters of the alphabet.

Energies of Number 4

As an aside, my personality analysis classified me as a number 4 😜.

This is what one site says about this number.

The word focus caught my eye.

Do we focus on our words before we speak? Before we speak, do we ever ask ourselves:

  • What’s the intent of speaking these words?
  • What do we want the outcome to be?
  • What are our perceived results?
  • If we speak these words right here, right now, will we get the results we desire.
  • Can we wait for a more appropriate time to speak?

My hope is that you I’ll hear a tiny bit of what Spirit just spoke to me as I wrote this.

Added Note: In looking up the quote that I inserted as I finished this blog, I found it referred to in a news article about how Ms Trump apparently plagarized Ms Obama’s inaugural speech which happened to include reference to a man’s word being his bond.

Doesn’t that mean he is making a promise and telling the truth?

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