Lonely But Never Alone

It is Christmas Day and I am at home; one might say home alone because there isn’t anyone else here.

But I am never alone and with the passing of earthly time I have come to know and live the promises of the Lord that He will

never leave nor forsake me.

Earlier I was thinking about family, especially my late brother who was instrumental in my moving to this city, and my daughters who live elsewhere in Canada. I have other siblings who are living and others, as well as my parents, who have gone home to the Father.

At times like this and others throughout the year I will and have encountered moments of loneliness. I don’t try to brush them aside. They come to life for a reason.

I will think about whatever comes to mind with love and gratefulness for having had the moments with the person that created such wonderful memories together with me.

I know that I am not the only person who finds her/himself in this type of situation.

I do not know how many others are as blessed as I am to so deeply know and feel His Presence in this moment, in every moment.

Yeshua is the best Christ-mas gift I have ever been given. He is the gift that keeps on giving.

My prayer for all who live alone, especially in moments like those brought about by the special days and times like Christmas when people gather together to celebrate, is that:

If you can’t quite understand or feel this truth of never being alone, then in your aloneness, that the Lord will come to you and make His Presence so obvious that you will never again think you are alone.

There is another thing I would like to share that might be of comfort to someone.

I have known people living with someone who are some of the loneliest people. The presence of another person in our life is no guarantee the we will never feel lonely, even though we aren’t alone.

Every word you have read is threaded with the golden thread of His Love. I pray you believe and receive and embrace His Love.

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