2019 – Spirit’s Message: Love On Legs

This year is a continuation of what began in 2018. On January 1, 2018 (click & new window will open post) Spirit revealed it would be the year of number 3 and that 2018 would be a year requiring discernment. We require discernment in order to know what is or is not Truth.

If you add this year’s numbers, 2019 is a 3 year. Perhaps, as I have written, 2018 was preparatory in a sense. We would learn about the lies we have been speaking and living, and now, in 2019 we get to see if we will put o practise those revealed things and begin to live always and in All Ways, Truth.

I have no hesitation in saying that the primary theme of 2018 was that of uncovering hidden things; things based upon deception and lies. Even more obvious were the lies we heard spoken over and over again throughout the entire year. Fake News comes to mind.

Truth is Love is Truth

Yeshua told us that he is the Truth. Yeshua is the physical expression of the Father’s love for you and me. John 3:16 comes to mind.

Yeshua is Truth. Yeshua is Love; LOL – Love On Legs.


During meditation and prayer this morning almost immediately Yeshua brought me to the cave on the top of the mountain where I had spent a lot of time hiding in its darkness.

Obviously I had no idea why I was there and my heart sank as I immediately thought the worst,

“Oh no! Not again! I am going back into the darkness and hiding to learn yet another lesson!”

Yeshua said nothing and slowly I began walking into the cave.

The old familiar darkness began to take over and the mouldy smell of the air pierced my senses as the dampness on my skin made me shiver. I took one slow step after another and but a few steps in I caught the flicker of a light in the area of the left wall of the cave. It reminded me of the spark from a wood burning fire or perhaps a firefly.

As I continued walking, moving closer to the left wall, the sparks were more frequent and dense in nature. I arrived at the point where I had seen the first spark and leaning in closely I saw a word written in fluid, elegant strokes n the wall. It read:

Yeshua told me I had written this word yet I have absolutely no recollection. Maybe, subconsciously I did write it.

Maybe in my darkness what I was looking for was the tiniest glimmer or spark of love.

I am smiling right now as I write because:

I found the greatest love of all and realize that the moment I found it (Yeshua) was when I found love in, of and for me. These two are inseparable.

I thought I saw something else so I leaned in closer and couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was the tiny budding of a red flower 🌺. I was stunned wondering how anything could grow, let alone survive in such darkness.

Yeshua said nothing and I sensed he wanted me to keep moving into the cave. As we did so the sparks of light continued to flicker in the air, sometimes just one or two, sometimes in clusters.

It seemed to me the further into the darkness we ventured the more frequent the light and even more astounding was that the flowers were more plentiful. I stopped and looked again at the wall and the flowers.

It was only then hat I realized the flowers were rooted and only grew out of the word Love. It was as if that handwritten word, on that cold, dark and barren wall had given birth to new life.

Spirit’s Message

Out of the darkness of our lies and untruths new life will spring forth as we we become Love On Legs living and walking in Truth.

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