When Manna is the Motive

Before we get into this topic, an intro with regards to why I chose the word manna instead of money. It is primarily to remind us that:

  • YHWH always provides
  • too much of what we consider a good thing can be detrimental to our well being
  • greed can kill

It goes back to when the Lord had worked miracles in freeing the Hebrew children from the clutches of evil Pharoah. He fed, clothed and met all their needs. Manna GatheringThey began to whine and complain so He sent the manna from heaven and the gorged themselves to the point of becoming sick.
The following verses of Scripture reference this activity. In the KJV Bible there are 17 verses referencing the word manna. In the CJB (Complete Jewish Bible) there aren’t any verses.

Watching all the political and societal drama occurring around the world, including of course my home country Canada, it is difficult not to ask, “What is the underlying motive driving all of this?” It is almost impossible to emphatically state that the promoter for each is different, at least from this person’s perspective.

I see the driving force to bemanna. Manna is an old word and in today’s society we lean towards the money choice.

Money is not the issue. It is motive. When we seek only for personal gain we may succeed temporarily. When our gain becomes our ‘god’ we will eventually fail.

As a society, if our driving force is money, the chances of us choosing anything else first would seem to be pretty slim given our history.

Coupled with this thinking is the compulsive need for instant gratification, despite potential harm in choosing based on financial gain.

Today’s Choices

The choices we are currently facing impact more than the country who is the author or instigator of the activities.

Rather than list countries let’s look at a few activities and see what countries, or as in a majority of cases, the entire world, are impacted directly or indirectly.



Tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, ice storms, etc. are as a result of what humans have done to Mother Earth. We have polluted the land, sea and air. We are choking the life out of living organisms.

Storms are out of season as are wild fires and they are increasing in strength and duration. We have two seasons’ types of weather sometimes in the same day.

There is no clear distinction of the seasons; they overlap and even blend. I have seen Robins in December and my rose bush still blooming on December 24th!

When my parents were alive they had a winter getaway in Florida. We were known as Snowbirds. Many years ago I said we may very well see the day when people of Florida come north to Canada to get away from winter’s cold.

The life of our oceans is dying; animal and mineral. Animal populations are facing extinction. When these become extinct human life is next.


How about pollution and in particular plastics that are killing ocean and plant life. Burning as a method of disposal also pollutes the air.

When I moved from Toronto in 2012 they had been charging 5 cents a bag for plastic bags for some time. Arriving in Atlantic Canada I was surprised to see that there was nothin place to curtail the consumer from using them here.

In fact recently the City of Halifax began working on legislation with a goal to ban single use plastics – more than 10 years after Toronto saw this as a problem.

Canada is a landmass and anything affecting the land ought to be looked at for the entire country, not one province at a time. That’s ridiculous and the Federal Government should v running the show in cooperation with all provincial governments.

This is a worldwide issue and cannot be solved piecemeal. Every country must collaborate in its efforts to rectify the situation.

>Oil, Gas, Coal & Pipelines

In Canada we are at odds with one another over this. The primary concern is one of potential damage to Mother Earth. Those advocating for the pipeline do so because of jobs and financial benefits for several provinces. This is not bad in and of itself. But the concern is for potential current and future damage to the land and water ways.

It is a coast to coast issue and debate.

Human Rights & Immigration

This is worldwide. In Canada many are upset because of the somewhat lax open boarders between us and the USA. We have seen a major influx of immigrants fleeing the politics of USA President Trump. Immigrants are fearful of Trump’s pulling the plug on their status and shipping them back to life threatening conditions in their homelands.

We see and hear debates all around the world; immigrants fleeing life threatening situations, chancing death at sea to seek asylum in any freedom offering country; taking the chance they may be refused entry.

People of these receiving countries are divided in the appropriate way of dealing with the situation.

The USA is shutdown because the President wants to build a wall shutting out immigrants south of its border. A great divide has arisen within the country and innocent citizens are paying the price while government battles it out.

We see the Brexit division in Europe.

Those wars and divisions in other countries are everyday occurrences and we’ve become immune to these (not so) civil wars such that they are no longer headline material!

Nuclear ☢️ Threats

It’s there, plain and simple. Gratefully it has not been something I have had to deal with here in Canada (as a threat arising from us). But Canada is affected. Every country in the world is affected even with only one potential threat from any country!

We see countries using these threats as bartering tools for financial gain.

Other countries use financial threats like tariffs to force a country to de-nuclearize. But it’s not that cut and dry. There is potential for financial gain by the threatening country.

Countries currently potential dangers to all are Russia, North Korea, USA and potentially China. I plead ignorance as to whether Canada is host to any such weapons. Certainly we’ve not been in the news.

It just takes one and the fallout is a threat to all.

Money Changers

Is what is happening with all of us something that would have Yeshua show up and kick us all out of this temple called Mother Earth for using filthy lucre as the be all and end all to life?

While I hold you hostage threatening to exterminate you unless you succumb to my greedy quest for more land, money and power, would the Creator be pleased? In God We Trust; really?

When our manna becomes our ‘god’ we are on a slippery slope headed for disaster.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

Wake Up World

A house, community, city, village, city, province, state, country, continent and/or world divided will fail and collapse.

Turn back to the source of everything and seek the Wisdom and understanding that can be provided to us to heal our ways. Return to me says the Lord.

Read Malachi and know what is needed.

Some encouragement and a reminder of who is in control and who Loves all Creation.

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