Veil of Separation: Great Divide

At the time of Yeshua’s death on the cross we are told the veil was split in two or ripped down the middle.

Growing up in the Catholic Church I was taught that it meant that Yeshua opened the way for me to go to YHWH and confess my sins. Looking back it simply reinforced what a terrible person I was with a never ending need to remind YHWH how much I messed up; again and again.

There was nothing in what I was taught that ever suggested that somehow the Lord liked or was pleased with me.

What an exhausting childhood and Yeshua’s sacrifice, instead of feeling like a gift, made me feel even worse. I murdered him and still I couldn’t get my life together in a form that said I was grateful.

Over the years I have come to think of the veil as being something through which I could enter and find my true Essence, my Higher Self.

In the last few years I have seen the veil in many different scenarios, all of which have been encouraging and enlightening.

The other thing I believe is important was that I pictured this split or ripping of the veil as producing perpendicular and not horizontal levels.

As you will see in the definition, this simple four letter word holds many energies, ideas and potentials. With the guidance of Spirit I have been flowing in and out of many of these. I know that this flow will continue as long as I am.


The Pistis Sophia provides a detailed definition of the word veil which I resonated with in many ways, today. Yesterday or last year, etc., my connection would not have been the same. I only read this definition an hour or so ago. Spirit knew I was ready to understand what She was revealing….to me. Your insight may be different because we are different, and that is as it should be.

Veil (Katapetasna):

Threshold dividing heaven from other heavens AND the heavens from the earth. [I never would have thought this re other heavens and certainly not accepted.]

The counterpart of the makon in Hebrew, the separation between the levels of the intellectual (noeras), heavenly, translucent, pure, superior powers, superior authorities, etc. In the context of the veils surrounding the “Holy of Holies”–the mystical demarcation between the region of the common genos and the wise participants (ton spoudaion).

Perpendicular & Horizontal Separation

There is a presence of both just like the symbol of the cross.

The veils separating in the perpendicular are symbolic of how we humans are separated and isolationists; something that ripples out into broken families, communities, governments and countries.

The horizontal is that which keeps us from seeing sand knowing Truth which I equate with love which I equate with YHWH/Yeshua – One.

In order to heal the horizontal we must first seek, receive and be the perpendicular.

Having said all of this Spirit has this moment shown me that the Veil symbolizes what Yeshua accomplished for humanity; his separation from the Father for us.

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