Civilizations Die From Within

Reading Edgar Cayce’s writings and predictions and the following struck me as applicable to what we are seeing and hearing around the world today.

In 1959 (that’s 50 years ago) Dr. Gould (an American: President of Carleton College, Minnesota) gave an address entitled “Why Men Survive.” He said 19 of 21 notable civilizations “died from within.” He said, “The greatest threat to ours is not atom bombs or guided missiles, but neglect of the spiritual forces that make us wish to be right and noble.”

Today, America is so fractured, it is dying from within. The same thing can be said of the Brexit battle going on the other side of the Atlantic.

Gould concluded,

“If America is to grow great (sounds like Trump’s slogan) we must stop gagging at the word ‘spiritual’. Our task is to rediscover and reassert our faith in the spiritual, non-utilitarian values on which American life has really rested from its beginnings.”

We go through life acquiring possessions; some of us to the point that we become possessed by our possessions. We can’t take any of these with us. What we leave behind for generations that follow does matter. The greatest of these is this planet we call home. We are failing in that legacy.

At the rate we are killing off Nature and all non-human life – plant, animal, air, waterwho can say how long this world will survive this or the next generation?

As Cayce says:

For we are joint heirs with the universal force we call God, if we seek to do His bidding.

Like I said in the intro, this isn’t applicable to any one government or country. This is applicable to all.

We need to return to source and seek Divine inspiration and guidance to solve our problems; to heal the broken, the sick and Mother Nature.

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