At-ease or Dis-ease

Recently thinking about the human condition and the external attacks on our bodies by things that can make us sick.

As a Reiki Master and Therapeutic Touch practitioner I have studied and read all kinds of materials that help us help our bodies to maintain good health and ward off disease.

My Health, My Family

I have to talk about my own life. I am amazed at the fact that of a family of 8 siblings I have avoided what we call hereditary family dis-eases like heart disease and diabetes.

Dis-Own Family Dis-ease

I attribute my health to the simple fact that I chose to verbalize that I didn’t care what the family history was, I “refuse to accept or own family dis-eases.”

I also happen to love the right kinds of food, prefer salads to steak dinners and am an avid juicer. I also was a fitness freak and have worked out for a lot of years. I taught aerobics and weight training at the Y until my move from Toronto.

What’s the Common Element

Our lifestyle and habits all start in the mind with our thoughts and the ultimate choices we make.
On a personal level, I think the following thoughts:

  • I love salads and veggies
  • I love juicing
  • I love working out
  • I love being fit and in shape
  • I love being in perfect health
  • I love looking and being beautiful

Having listed all these things, the most important one deserves the spotlight:

I love me because I love Yeshua who loves me and has done so continually until I arrived at this beautiful place of loving me.

Dis-ease is Here to Stay

Disease is rampant; all around us day and night; at home, at work and everywhere in the great outdoors. We cannot avoid the pollutants and germs . They are permanent, diverse and proliferate.

At-ease Defends Against Dis-ease

Remember my intro that of 8 siblings I am dis-ease free. Why do you think that is?

There are lots of people who eat, exercise and take care of themselves, but still in-heritage the family traditions of heart dis-ease, etc.

Having refused to inherit the diseases that plagued generations of my family, I believe that I maintain that health because I am:

at-ease with my life, surroundings, circumstances and events.

At-ease and Balanced

Yesterday during meditation, writing this blog cane to mind so I made a mental note.

This morning I picked up one of my books hat I’ve not read in a while . If interested, it is The Ra Material.

I opened at a page that reminds of the need to maintain balance in our lives; in all areas of our lives. This, though, speaks of balance and maintains good health, and do much more.

It speaks of raising our vibrational energies, of higher thoughts and consciousness – of healing ourselves with our thoughts.

At the outset we are told this teaching is about developing our, “energy powers of healing.” It talks about the, “spiritual complex which embodies the fields of force and consciousness which are the least distorted of your mind/body/spirit complex.”

According to this teaching this is the longest process for us in learning; “the exploration and balancing of the spirit complex.”

We are to think of the mind like a tree; the mind controls the body. When the mind is:

single focused, balanced and aware

and the body comfortable, we’re then ready to do the work. All of this sounds identical to the processes that I engage in with clients in Reiki or Therapeutic Touch sessions.

The book says that the work is with the elements of wind and fire. Our spiritual body energy fields are the vessels or pathway.

When we’re open and receptive the healing energies can communicate through us. We might get a nudge or twinge or thought in or about a part of the body. Pay attention and do not ignore these things. It’s a spiritual communication telling us what needs help.

Society calls these Hong’s paranormal or psychic; all kinds of labels. Forget the labels. It is your higher self, or Spirit, communicating with you through lower self spirit.

When you are at-ease you will know what needs help. Being at ease helps not only deflect but heal dis- ease.

The image below is from the Ra book:

Yeshua Prince of Peace

Walking this journey with Yeshua as our companion, we walk with the Prince of Peace and the Great Physician.

We have and are everything we need in this journey to ward off and heal our bodies of any disease. It must have as its key ingredient a knowing of peace no matter what happens all around us.

Peace ✌🏿 my brothers and sisters; peace and perfect health.