Balance These Three Chakras

There are western teachings that tell us the human body had seven chakras and for the purpose of this blog we will consider these seven.

However, I wish to point out that others teachings speak of nine and eleven chakras. Still others refer to major and minor chakras, and others say that for every influential planet there is a chakra that correlates to a specific planet.

As you see it can be a bit overwhelming especially for someone who is just beginning this journey of discovering the body’s chakras, energy fields and entry portals.

When I ran across what I am sharing with you, even though I had read the material before, it was only now that it clicked with me. My sense of understanding and knowing had been awakened.

I am of the opinion based upon what I read and understood, that no matter how many chakras the body has, if we focus on these three in maintaining their balance, all others will by some amazing auto response be rebalanced, if it is needed.

I will also reference the colours associated with the three chakras, or complexes as the are called in the Ra book.

Complex/Chakra 1 – Red

Looking at the above images we can conclude that Complex 1 is the Root Chakra and the colour is red. It’s about being grounded and anchored; solid so to speak. If our emotions are all over the place we aren’t going to be grounded; anchored and assured in, of and about ourselves in relation to the seen and unseen; visible and invisible.

Complex/Chakra 2 – Orange

Similarly we can conclude that Complex 2 is the Sacral Chakra and the colour is orange. I draw your attention to the description of human activity as described in Complex 2. It says it is “emotional or personal.” As you can see in Chakra 1 description it says it is emotional. Keep in mind that energy flow not blocked will overlap. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this description.

Complex/Chakra 3 – Yellow

The Ra book tells us it’s all about our ego. The 3rd Chakra teachings tell us it’s about, “assimilation, digestion and motivation.”

I am not going to get into describing ego. All too often it’s described in a derogatory way. We also associate ego with the mind and brain: what we and others think about us.

The Chakra teachings sound like it’s a bodily function like how the body assimilates and digests food and the moves it from the body.

But, could it not also apply to how we take in information, words of praise or criticism and then digest it forming our personal opinions about ourselves, which then motivates us to respond, reply or act in a certain way?

The above are my thoughts prompted by reading the Ra book material. To help you firm your own understanding I am sharing it below.

My desire is that you be enlightened as I have been.

The Ra Material – The Law of One: These are excerpts from this book, my summation and where direct quotes they are italicized. We are told we need only to understand, “the energy centers which make up the mind/body/spirit complex.” It’s One.

First Complex to Balance

First balancing needed is of the “Malkuth, or Earth,” vibratory energy Complex. Remember our feet stand on the earth and our bodies were fashioned from the earth. We are told that, “An understanding and acceptance of this energy is fundamental.”Think about this for a while. My immediate question to myself was to ask if I accept me, all of and about me. To accept me I have to know me. If I don’t there will be a blockage of energy flow right from the get go. Everything else will suffer because of a blockage of the first Complex/Chakra.

Second Complex to Balance

Don’t even try to move on and balance this complex if the fist is still out of whack and blocked!

This is about a blockage of our emotional or personal complex. The book tells us that a blockage here, “will often demonstrate itself as personal eccentricities or distortions with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self.

Third Complex to Balance

In introducing this one it says that, “resembles most closely that which we call the ego.” Blockages here often manifest as “distortions toward power manipulation and other social behaviours concerning those close and those associated with the mind/body/spirit complex.”

In conclusion we are told that:

Those with blockages in these first three energy centers, or nexi, will have continuing difficulties in ability to further their seeking of the Law of One.

Just like you don’t build a house starting with the roof, so it is with maintaining balanced energy flow. We start from the grind up.

Chart below gives info on the seven chakras.

Shared in love and desire for reunification of the One.