Turn On Your Heart Light

Reading a book late afternoon and the sun shining over my shoulder left this amazing impression on the pages I was reading; one on left headed “You Are Light” and on the right “I Am Light”.

I was reading about being a light and for past while Spirit has had me writing about shining our light.

Metaphorically or in reality, perhaps Spirit confirming as she gazed over my right shoulder with her beautiful prism of colour, “Yes. You are a Light.”

I am a self admitted doubting Thomas; forever the “Why me?” question. I am sure no one understands this, right?

I share this because I sense that the time is now for us to step up and step into who we are.

As a lightworker we shine a light dispelling and displacing darkness. I am not talking about dark clouds and sunshine.

I am talking about letting all that is a perceived quality of who we may perceive our YHWH or God to be. We allow those qualities to take precedence over anything contrary to them.

  • lies
  • theft
  • anger
  • hatred
  • racism
  • bigotry
  • violence and murder

The following are some of the things that Spirit recently inspired me to put together. I hope you are inspired.

Let Your Light Shine