Amen and Light Revelation

Have you ever thought about this simple four letter word? I always thought it was just a word to end a pirate with and in later years would use it as an affirmation of something I agreed with in content.

The Biblical definition is:

so be it or let it be supported

Revelations 3:14 tells us that Yeshua identifies himself as:

These are the things the Amen says, the Faithful and True Witness, the beginning of the creation of God.

The same word can be found in Greek, Hebrew and variations in certain Near Eastern languages such as Amen or Amon in Egyptian, meaning the Great Hidden One.

So, it’s not just a word to end a prayer. It’s a person or entity.

Three Amens

The Three Amens represent the triple power for the cleansing of the Aeons. Before going further on this I need to provide info on what an Aeon is.


According to Pistis Sophia it’s a basic unit of experimental work especially in the regions or areas of the first 13 Aeons.

In the mind of the Father it is a unit of continuous creation. It sounds much like different areas or universes where experiments in creation are continuously ongoing; as if He’s trying to perfect something; maybe us humans!

It also appears to reinforce ideas that there is life beyond what we know here on earth.

Whatever it brings to mind, these words and definitions stimulate deeper thought about simple words!

Seven Amens

The Seven Amens represent the transcendental structure of purification that is used by the Godhead in all worlds. They don’t work alone but I think Divine Teaching connected with Seven Voices, the Three Amens and the Five Trees.

It is also the Seven Levels of Vibration activated by Divine initiation through which the Seven Seals or categories of knowledge are opened for the experience of the Risen Lord or Light Revelation of Christ.

I hope something here has stirred you to continue digging deeper into hidden meanings of otherwise simple every day words that we have glossed over.