Esoterichealing & You

I know this blog is called esoterichealing. Spirit gave me the name as I started a new website. The name of the site is my domain and Spirit also gave me the name, Return 2 Source.

They were started the end of December 2017 and it has only been the past six months or so that Spirit has revealed to me the depth and intensity of the meanings behind those names.

The following is information and a description of esoterichealing provided by none other than Albert Einstein. It is clear and simple to understand,

Energy Heals

It all boils down to the simple truth that all, including the letters forming the words that you are reading, is energy.

For me, these few descriptive words have ratified my call to healing: via-a-vis writing, speaking and/or touching (as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Therapeutic Touch practitioner).

Trust Your True Self – Spirit Energy

First, please know that we are all equipped to help our bodies self-heal when extra help is needed.

Second, my prayer is that these words speak to and clarify something that has been on your mind as it relates to your own personal and unique journey. The universe needs you and your gifts.

Remember Yeshua told his disciples that as far as what they saw and heard him doing, that they would do these things and even more. It’s time. Embrace Yeshua’s words and let’s do this!

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