Yeshua Bears Witness of Truth to Pilate

Summary: Yeshua’s instructions on truth for those who govern and are in position to render judgment.

With the church’s appointed Holy Days of Easter coming up I thought it appropriate to share with you words spoken by Yeshua to Pilate when Yeshua was asked if he was a king.

More relevant than it has ever been in my lifetime are these words spoken by Yeshua.

He didn’t acknowledge the question of whether he was a king, but gave this direct response, which at first glance has us wondering what on earth it has to do with whether or not Yeshua is a king.

Yeshua immediately begins with:

I should bear witness to the truth. …

Look closely at his closing sentence where he tells Pilate that:

those, who when they have the power of judgment, are governed by truth, and form right judgment.

As I share this it is at a time when sadly our Canadian government is somewhat following in the footsteps of our big sister (my often used term describing relationship between us – this because of Ezekiel 23) USA.

Truth appears to have become optional when those who have the power of judgment need outcomes that must be acquired by lies and deception.

The following image provides the entire words spoken by Yeshua.

As anyone who knows the Bible will realize, this conversation between Yeshua and Pilate was left out of all versions of the Bible and I wonder why.

I must say how proud I am of the cabinet members in Canada who have spoken their truth and taken the further steps of resigning rather than compromise their truth and values.

In the past if a person stood her truth we heard little or nothing about them . This is no longer the case and despite my disappointment in the allegations against our government I am even more proud and excited because it appears that people do care about truth, justice and doing the right thing.

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