A Few Good Humans

Thought of the movie A Few Good Men when Spirit brought this blog to mind. It is as a result of what’s going on in the world today combined with Spirit bringing to memory my thoughts that I have had for years now in reference to Ezekiel 23:

These thoughts are about my home country Canada and its relationship with the USA. I think of Canada as a little sister to the States. Ezekiel talks about the two sisters and warns what will happen if we don’t clean up our acts.

Ezekiel’s Message

I always thought that the threats of destruction were because of man’s defiance and disobedience to YHWH; that he’d had enough of our rebellion and said that’s it, no more.

I am sure we’ve brought him to that point many times. It’s bad.

But, the last straw for YHWH isn’t how we offend him. It’s how cruel and inhumane we are to one another.

When man’s inhumanity to man keeps getting worse and worse, escalating each day to knew levels, I believe Creator, who sees and knows all, will stomp his staff to the ground and with a great shout yell, “ENOUGH!”

YHWH’s Anger

If you recall the flood of Noah, man had scaled the high walls of depravity. Human life and dignity with respect was almost non-existent.

Sodom and Gomorrah and their depravity are names and stories that most who have read Scripture will know.

Our versions of the bible have watered down the depravity – in the stories of both Noah’s and Ezekiel’s times.

YHWH’s anger and striking out are acts of love, for he knows at what day and hour there will be no turning back.

Human “not so” kind, if left to our own devices will wipe out all life, including this very planet.

It’s not too late and it starts with each of us. What can do to help a neighbour or stranger? What can I do or say or participate in to begin to apologize for the destruction of Mother Earth 🌍 that I have contributed to, knowingly or unknowingly?

How can I convince or at least suggest to those who are in authority in my town, city, province, state or country that

speaking and being Truth is the first and most important thing you must do in your position of authority.

Just had a thought.

Why not tweet one truth a day; either a direct message or call out someone you know that you know has deliberately lied. Say it like it is. Don’t pussyfoot around . If they lie then call it a lie and remind them they are liars.

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