Living Life Well: Learn of Ancients

The name of my primary domain is Return to Source. Little did I know when Spirit gave me that name how far back I would travel in my searches for things like truth, health, wisdom, etc.

Growing up I read and heard a lot of fairytale stories. That’s what we were told they were. Just cute, made up, make believe stories.

I have now reached that point in my journey where what I was told was make believe is becoming more real and truth, and definitely of more importance and value to me.

Pythagoreans of Ancient Greece & Phoenicians of Egypt

They learned from someone, so who was it that greatly influenced their lives? It was the principles and teachings of the Essenes. The teachings were the basics of the Alexandrian School of Philosophy in Egypt.

Western Society, Freemasonry, Kabala, Gnosticism & Christianity

It was the Essenes who were the chief contributors to what would later become these religious organizations and secular movements.

Yeshua later interpreted the teachings in what would become known as the Seven Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount.

Core Beliefs of Humanity: Slavery and Racism 

Most of our world does not believe in or agree with slavery. Here in North America we supposedly abolished slavery and thereby racism a few hundred years ago. We’re still working at it.

The Essenes had no slaves or servants and were said to have been the first people to condemn slavery both in theory and in practice.

According to their teachings and the Law, they established their own economic system and showed that all man’s food and material needs can be attained without struggle.

Wealth and Poverty 

There were neither rich nor poor amongst the Essenes. Both of those conditions were considered to be deviations of the Law.  This I find interesting; it is equally wrong to be rich (excessive) as it is poor. I wonder if the penalty for both was the same?

Education, Prophecy & Healing

Astronomy, education, and healing wete mainstream studies of the Essenes. They were the heirs of Chaldean and Persian astronomy and the Egyptian arts of healing.

The Essenes were known for their prophecy and for their use of plants and herbs for healing of man and beast alike.

The way the Essenes lived life was such that they lived to advanced ages of 120 and more, in perfect health with strength and endurance to the end. It seems no one had her or his needs unmet.

They voluntarily sent out healers and teachers to help other communities. These included people you and I know through our Bible/Torah studies, people such as:

  • Elijah
  • John the Baptist
  • John the Beloved, and of course
  • Yeshua, an Essene Master

Ancient Writers

There are recorded writings of the Essenes and their way of life found in the writings of their contemporaries such as:

Pliny the Roman Naturalist, Philo the Alexandrian philosopher, Josephus the Roman historian, Solanius and others.

If these men who wrote of  the teachings and way of life held the Essenes and what they did in such high regard (including their student and eventual Master Essene, Yeshua), and we hold these men in such high regard, then why can’t  we at least consider revising our way of living to somewhat resemble what worked so well for the Essenes? 

As a woman whose best friend and role model is Yeshua, then of course I hunger to know exactly “what made Yeshua tick.”  Therefore I will go back as far in time and wherever it takes me to learn as much as I can about Yeshua and the life he lived and treasured. 

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live is an exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach. ~~ Pliny the Elder

Such is the audacity of man, that he hath learned to counterfeit Nature, yea, and is so bold as to challenge her in her work.  ~~ Pliny the Elder

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