Enough Already

Have you ever sat back in amazement and wondered,

We must ask ourselves how we got here, to a place where it appears that enough is and will never be enough.

It happens to me frequently and it happened again this morning as I was sort of watching one of those t.v. shows about a couple looking to buy a new home.

As they were being shown new homes one had five bedrooms and five bathrooms and a bunch of other stuff! This was two people looking for a bigger and better home; just two people!

Five bathrooms! Wow! My mouth hung open and I wondered why in heaven’s name the agent was showing them this house!

I thought about my family; six boys and two girls and we only always ever had one bathroom! Sure I vaguely recall being told to hurry up or pounding on the door telling a brother to hurry up. But, I don’t ever recall thinking how terrible it was that we had only one bathroom for ten people.

Will we ever have enough? It seems to me that the more we have gotten the less grateful we have become and perhaps even greedier.

I don’t like labelling people with names saying we are this or that, but I have no qualms in suggesting that our insatiable hunger for more and more stuff is bordering on being an addiction.

Our families have and are paying the price. If parents aren’t divorced, they’re strangers living under the same roof. Conversations are about how tired and overworked parents are, about getting more money for this or that: about where to spend money on trips and holidays; about how are we going to pay the (charged) bills.

We aren’t any different than previous societies, but you would think that having such easy access to what happened to similar societies that we’d put the brakes on this obsessive, out of control obsession with possessing more and more; I mean slam on the brakes and say, “What in the he** are we doing?”

Here are a few examples of what Scripture says about enough.

I Am Enough

I am learning on a personal level, and yes I will admit that as typically as it’s been I am learning the hard way, that I am more than enough. I have begun to see and feel how the rivers of living waters are flowing and filling me so much that the desire to have dissipates almost as quickly as the thought to buy this or that first popped into my head.

I am more free; free to just be, and be present to hear what others are saying and sometimes not saying.

I have decided to start thinking and saying I am (more than) enough, instead of I have enough.

Is that the answer; for each of us to realize we are everything we need and more? Perhaps I am living in LaLa Land; a dreamer?!

Something has to change so we must each honestly and earnestly ask ourselves this question:

When will enough ever be enough for me?

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