Not Perfect: Messes to Messages

Remember we have a loving and forgiving Abba Father and it is never too late to change the direction our life may have taken, especially if we don’t like where we are!

In my parents generation people only had one chosen career. I have changed careers several times and am still not finished. When I breathe my last breath I find it exciting to think that I have no idea what I will be doing or working at doong!

I keep changing directions but the key is I keep moving.

Messes to Messages

Creator knew the messes I would make while trying to be a good human and still created me.

It’s what we take from those messes and how we use those experiences and lessons to help others that matters most.

I have messed up in most human roles: as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, employee, boss, partner, teacher, leader etc.

My messes always made me a better person with more understanding and empathy – especially when I accepted responsibility.

My changes have often been very clear and visible messages with no effort on my part! I gave Spirit permission to show and then help me be or do better.

We all have messages that can help others. Share yours. You just might save a life and will certainly share love and be a light on the path of another’s journey.

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