Stress-Less: One Bathroom

Watching a family with four children searching for a house that must have three bathrooms, it got me thinking about my family and wondering how in heaven’s name my father and mother did it; raising a family of eight children with only one bathroom!?

When, where and why did we go so wrong?

I had six brothers and one sister. We managed to survive, even thrive in a house that always had only one bathroom. The priority of families was to have a roof over their heads, food on the table and clothes to wear. Having those things, life was good. Sure, we had our squabbles over bathroom time, but in the end it always worked itself out.

Can we not learn from our own lives that the priorities of this life aren’t to have the biggest and best that add increased stress and pressures brought on by debt, but are in providing for the needs of our families within our financial capabilities?

If having just one bathroom improves our mental health and thereby family relationships by the alleviation of stress, isn’t that a price worth paying?

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