World or Word

According to Yeshua, we are in the world, not of the world. This is how he spojeof us when asking the Father to taje care of those he will be leaving behind when he returned to the Father.

We are also told that it is beneficial for us to be in the Word.

So, if you and I seek to follow the Lord, to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, then our influence and guidance for this human journey ought to be:

  • not the ways and standards of the world, and
  • from the Word (YHWH’s)

Looking at these two words, word and world, you can see they are much the same with the only difference being the letter “L” in world.

The energies of these two words are quite similar, with world having more energy. It’s easy to understand, then, why we humans struggle and are tossed back and forth between doing things according to the Word or the world.

You may not readily see or feel the significance of this, the energies of words especially those that are so similar.

One thing that always helps me to understand the power and energies of words is the fact that in Genesis it tells us that YHWH spoke a word and various things came to be (were created, formed, given life).

In the Hebrew language the letter “L” (pronounced L’medh) has a numerical value of 30. That’s significant extra weight added to the word “word” simply with the insertion of one letter.

World is earthly and Word is heavenly, so to speak.

We are physically located in the world and our five human senses are naturally attuned to the things of the world with little or no effort required on our part.

Conversely, every time I sit to engage in the word the distractions of the world come crashing in to take me away from the word. It often takes concerted effort but the rewards are priceless and of everlasting value.

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