With His Stripe I Was Healed

Two weeks ago I was hit with a flu bug. I wasn’t concerned and did what needed doing to support my body in healing itself.

On day three in the early evening I began getting these shooting pains on the right side of my head in the area in front of my ear. It was like a stab by a knife and as quickly as it happened, it disappeared. This occurred on and off all evening.

Part of my treatment was the use of essential oils for the aches and pains that accompany the flu. I knew they were doing their thing; I felt the aches and pains subsiding. Day one was about being sick to my stomach, day two was the diarrhea and day three general symptoms, until the head pain.

I thought that the pain felt like something was trying to get through but couldn’t. I thought of a blood clot, which made me nervous.

I went to bed around 10 o’clock and hadn’t been in bed five minutes before I felt a wetness on my hand.

Just before this wet feeling the words of scripture came to mind, By his stripes we are healed, and I had a vision of one of his stripes wrapping around my head like a lasso over the area where the pain kept stabbing.

I got up and went to the bathroom where blood came pouring out of my mouth and right nostril. It filled the sink and splattered the wall. There were small blood clots and as I wiped away the blood it slowed and was stopping.

Bent over and cleaning the sink, a clot the size of a silver dollar came out of my right nostril.

I did seek medical attention by calling the medical line, concerned about blood clotting and potential aneurysm. Nothing was found vis-a-vis tests and blood work. I was told I had the flu! Duh!! I knew that, but it didn’t explain the bleeding and clots.

I believe that the Lord demonstrated to this humbled woman the Truth and Powers of the Word and it’s promises. In my case I say without hesitation that it was, “With His stripe I was healed.

If that clot had not burst sufficient to exit my body the way it did, I might very well be no longer among the human race.

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