Change and Stress

Changes in our lives can be made by us deliberately and by choice, or unintentionally by choice, or by others on our behalf with or without our permission.

No matter the source of our change, there is always a factor of stress that enters into our lives. If the change is premeditated it is then that stress enters. We waiver back and forth weighing the pros and cons of the intended change and until we arrive at the decision the stress levels rise and fall. Having made the decision to proceed a new set of stresses arrive. They too will rise and fall in their impact on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When the day arrives and the change has taken place, sometimes our stress levels increase, if you, like I, question our sanity in having done the thing, made such a drastic change in our lives. With the passing of time that questioning of self will hopefully cease as we settle into the new, which is no longer new and feels familiar and comfortable.

Our bodies are ever changing; growing, shedding, regenerating, rebirthing. I somehow doubt they stress about any of these changes.

So, what is it about the whole human that seems to have this natural tendency to veer towards stress when a change occurs?

I think our stress comes from our decision making process that invariably always includes weighing the pros and cons of the external and worldly influences, traditions and norms. We might find ourselves thinking that others might call us crazy for doing this or perhaps arguing ourselves out of making the change because of some material or financial gain or loss.

We humans are creatures of comfort, habit and routine. Change interrupts and sometimes disrupts all of these things. We need only gaze back on our past changes to see how silly and futile the self or other imposed stress was and how we more than just made it through, how we

thrived and grew!

Having lived several decades I can tell you that for some unfathomable reason I still end up with stress as my companion when changes take place in my human journey. Acceptance and tolerance of stress is sometimes warranted and makes it less formidable a companion.

Whether a change is good or bad, there is always stress. Accept this and deal with whatever comes, knowing you are on a journey and if you don’t like the change, well ….. you can always change it,

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