I’m Too……

If we can remove the factor of time from our thinking processes when making decisions to do, say or act on something, how many of us, like this writer, would have found ourselves in different situations or places this very moment?

We can do this by removing one three letter word from our vocabulary – the word is “too.”

When making a decision or choice have you ever thought these thoughts:

  • I am too young
  • I am too old
  • I am too nervous or scared
  • I am too fat, skinny, little or big
  • I am too uneducated or educated
  • I am too rich or poor

It doesn’t matter what the type of too we label ourselves to be. The bottom line is we are placing restrictions upon ourselves before we even begin.

We are factoring time into our decision making: when we’re older, if we’re younger, when we lose/gain weight, etc. What’s wrong with right here, right now?

Try being conscious for a week or longer, especially when something is being asked of you, and stop yourself from using this three letter word as an excuse for not doing, being or saying something!

Amaze yourself because you are amazing!!

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