Creatures of Habit

A tiny little light switch turned on the thoughts for this blog!

It struck me the other day just how much we are creatures of habit; habit forming without any effort on our part.

I moved into my new home two months ago and I still reach for the light switch in the same place as it was located in my previous home. That’s not a big deal; in fact being aware of it is a gift and lead me to thinking about other habits that I have picked up over the years that continue and which might:

  • be of little or no use
  • be a waste of precious time
  • be offensive to others, and I don’t even know
  • be unhealthy for my physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual wellbeing

These are thoughts which when consciously put into action by being more aware and observant can potentially improve my life and that of people I come into contact with on a daily basis.

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