I am a student of life.  Where once I disliked reading it seems I am making up for lost time.

Sometimes I find it a challenge to remain focused because my mind has a mind of its own.  She’s behaving as if she has been in prison all these years, and perhaps she has.

The worldly aspects of who am I are varying and diverse, as with most humans. I have journeyed through religions including bible college where I learned that everything I needed to know and questions I needed to know and ask were within me.

Yeshua is my barometer.  Where once He had to coax me, now I hound Him because of this hunger and thirst for Truth – Him.  When we hear Scripture tell us we love Him because He first loved us, they aren’t kidding.

My wordly activities are diverse.  Often I’ve described my life as being that of a wondering minstrel or a gypsy.

I worked in a legal profession most of my life; so anti-thesis to a person who thinks in poetic stance!  It was very analytical, so that suited my mind who is never happy with just what the eyes see or the ears hear.  Sometimes that digging has found me in hot water and other times the digging has helped others.  I am grateful.

I have served as a volunteer in various organizations: crisis centres, police services victim support, women’s advocacy and assault, men’s prison facilities, senior citizen advocacy, new immigrant settlement, children organizations, etc. and the list goes on.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

I served as a counsellor in a women’s shelter helping women and girls with addictions and women arriving from war torn countries, seeking refuge in Canada.  The women from the other countries taught me gratitude through their lives, stories and actions.

I learned how ungrateful I was when it came to having the “choice” to spend time with my family.  Many women lost their entire families as victims of war and terrorism.

I study, read and learn esoteric and metaphysical stuff; am licensed as a Reiki Master-Teacher and 3rd level Therapeutic Touch practioner.

Spirit writes poetry through me and one complete book was published and two others are lost to cyber crime.  Everything ever written, gathered and ready for publication is no more.  Someone was very interesed in me and I am puzzled as to why.

However, my belief is that though others intended for ‘harm’, YHWH allowed and intended for ‘blessing’.

I lost everything once created and I took a hiatus from the internet and all things social media for over three and a half years, during which time I rediscovered my library, read and ‘handwrote’ notes to self, book ideas, poetry, etc.  Was an amazing time and it flew!

Through my deepening fellowship and walk with Yeshua I rediscovered a “loving” Divine Father.  I am also re-learning and uncovering a long lost relationship with my Divine Mother. I am rediscovering forgiveness of myself and others and as a woman, how to be a daughter, a mother, a sister and a friend.


When I had myself baptized at age 40, Shammah was the first thing off my tongue upon exiting the ‘pool’ of water.  I did not find out until nine months later the meaning of the name.  It is found in the Bible/Torah, with a variety of definitions and meanings.  I was given to know it meant:

Shammah YHWH
The Lord is There ….