About Return to Source

Born into this world we came equipped with everything from the source, our origins of our Being.

Born into this world we first entered as we are, Spirit.  We are created in the image of Creator Spirit.

Born into this world we only “knew” how to BE Spirit, and then we were clothed with human form slowly during the nine month incubation in our human mother’s womb.

Born into this world we were silence and upon entering the atmosphere upon exiting our mother’s womb we made our first noise, we found what we call our voice; something foreign to who we are and so, still Spiritually One we had to get used to what voice was and along with that ears, that restricted and divided the all into yet more formations, distinctions, rooms, etc.

Born into this world upon entering our mother’s womb we were still one Conscious Stream of Light with no beginning nor ending.  Upon settling in our mother’s womb, we still had that direct connection from above through the opening in what would become our skull (bones that formed our head).  Slowly those bones began to form and take shape and upon leaving our mother’s womb, entering the physical realm, we still had an opening in the midst of our skull that continued to provide direct connection to our


We entered the earthly realm and began to lose touch with our Self as we began to discover our humanity.  For a while we still had that direct connection through our still open skull, what became known as the soft spot.  Eventually in all of us the opening would close entirely.

We learned that the closure of the skull was a good thing because it protected our brain, when in fact we will uncover the truth as we search for truth, that the closure was not to protect the brain, but to seal off access to certain functions of the brain that would or could become dangerous in the hands of some or even all humanity.

The symbolic closure of the soft spot in the skull was indeed a protection but a protection of Creation that we not access and abuse powers that could as easily destroy what for Creation is so easy to Create.

Access Denied

It has been many years, many generations and in every generation there are those who are or have entered the path that leads them to the return to source; where they, as all humans do, began their human journey.

Those who seek to return with a pure heart because they do desire to access abilities that will allow them to bless the All, will find and access as they continue their journey with a pure heart.  Everyone taking this journey, this return to source, will endure challenges, fires and refinement.

We have heard the call when Creator whispered, “Who will I send,” and we have whispered back in echoes of love, “Here am I.”  We are returning to source on roads and paths that were once fields of coal and with each step are refining us, polishing us to fit us to take up the assignment.

The return to source is the same through every generation, every type of religious or other organization.  We use different labels, different names for the stages of our journey, but there is one thing that is all and all is, even this place we seek as we return to source, and that is we are finding we are

Love I Am



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